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Community Helper Week Blog Recap!

Hello all,

The students kicked off Community Helper Week by defining the word, “Community”.  Through a discussion, it was determined that a community is a group of people who live in one place called a neighborhood.  The teachers explained that the students would spend the week discussing, learning about and even meeting some of the people who help make our community so special!   Well, “Community Helper Week” has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

Monday and Tuesday morning both proved to be very exciting as they were Art Days!  For Art Day on Monday, the students created a special art project relating to Friday’s Community Helper Visit!  Can you guess from the following clues which community helpers were the inspiration for Monday’s craft?

1.  These community helpers wear blue.

2.  These community helpers have a shiny badge.

3.  These community helpers can be reached by calling 9-1-1!

Do you know who these community helpers are?

If you said, “Police Officers” then you are correct!

The students used crayons and assorted craft materials to decorate their very own police cruiser!  Look below to see the students in action!



For Art Day on Tuesday, the students created a special art project relating to Thursday’s field trip!  Can you guess from the following clues which community helper was the inspiration for Tuesday’s craft?

1.  These community helpers drive on a big, red truck!

2.  These community helpers wear special uniforms including helmets.

3.  These community helpers can also be reached by calling 9-1-1!

Do you know who these community helpers are?

If you said, “Firefighters” then you are correct!

The students used assorted craft materials to decorate their very own firefighting doggy!  Look below to see the students in action!



The community theme continued on Wednesday as the students were visited by two representatives from Jersey City Medical Center – EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan!  As their names suggest, EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan are EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians!  They are the people who drive and ride inside the ambulance to help people who are hurt or sick.  As the EMTs explained, sometimes people cannot get themselves to a hospital so the ambulance will come and give them a ride.  While one person drives the ambulance, the other members of the team provide medical care to the person who is hurt or sick.  The students loved hearing about the important job the EMTs do in our community to help keep everyone safe and healthy. EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan explained the importance of how and WHEN to call 9-1-1.  The students could hardly believe it when they learned that EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan had brought their ambulance along with them!  The students all took turns hopping aboard and seeing what the inside of an ambulance looks like.  What an amazing experience!   The PPA students are so fortunate to have such amazing and friendly helpers in their community!  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog post to view all of the photographs from EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan’s visit to PPA.  A special PPA “Thank You” to EMT Chantal and EMT Jordan and all of the EMS members who help keep everyone in our community safe.  🙂



Speaking of community helpers, the students, teachers, and a bunch of PPA parents spent Thursday morning with some of Jersey City’s bravest Firefighters at the local Firehouse!   The firefighters really pulled out all the stops for the PPA kids!  Captain Rodriguez, Firefighter Ozzie Reyes, and the rest of the D-Group firefighting team did a phenomenal job explaining the different ways to stay safe if ever you are in/near a fire.  The students learned about, discussed and practiced fire safety all morning long!  As if climbing aboard a fire truck wasn’t exciting enough, the students were in shock to learn that the firefighters had gifts to present to the students!  Each student left the firehouse with  a fire hat, a fire badge, a coloring book and crayons! The firefighters were not the only ones with a surprise that day though…the PPA students proudly presented the firefighters with a special “PPA THANK YOU” poster they had created earlier in the week!  What a great day it was!  What an wonderful trip it was!  Be sure to look below for some of the photographic highlights from the incredible and important field trip!  An extra special PPA Thank You to the BRAVE men and women of the Jersey City (and all local) Fire Department – especially D Group!  🙂


On Friday, the PPA students were paid a visit by one of Jersey City’s Finest – Police Officer S!   The students welcomed Officer S. warmly into the classroom. Officer S began by asking a very important question – “Who knows what a stranger is?”  Hands flew into the air and the students quickly revealed that a stranger is someone that you do not know.  Officer S then asked, “Am I a stranger?”  The students all shouted back, “Nooooo!”  Officer S then said “Well, before I told you my name did you KNOW me?”  The students were a bit puzzled – the students had just met Officer S, they did not really KNOW her.  Just as things were getting a little confusing, one student chimed up and said, “You can’t be a stranger because you are a police officer!”  Officer S smiled as she explained that all community helpers like Police Officers, Firefighters, and Paramedics are not strangers because their job is to help everyone!  Officer S then asked, “How can you tell that someone is a police officer?”  The students all shouted out answers including, “by their clothes” or “by the badge”.  They were absolutely right!  Police Officers all wear similar uniforms so people can identify (or find) them quickly!  Much to the enjoyment of the students, Officer S arrived at PPA in a JCPD police cruiser!  The students could barely contain themselves when they noticed the police vehicle as the door opened.  In small groups, they headed outside and took turns “riding” the police van!  They even greeted the entire neighborhood while testing out some of the equipment in the car!




Wow!  Talk about an AMAZING week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week – WaCkY ScIeNce WeEk – has in store!  A special PPA Thank You to all of the PPA parents and community helpers that were such an integral part this past week!  Your time and efforts are appreciated more than you realize!  Well, that is all for this week of camp.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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Next Week – WaCkY ScIeNcE Week!

Monday and Tuesday– WATER PARK and ART DAY!

Students must arrive dressed for outdoor water play! Please pack a towel and an EASY TO PUT ON change of clothing.

Wednesday–  Liberty Science Center Field Trip!

All students must arrive to school by 8:45 a.m. Parents welcome to attend!  Students must wear a camp shirt today and also pack a COMPLETELY DISPOSABLE lunch today.

Thursday and Friday – WaCkY ScIeNcE DaYs!

Click here to view all of the photos from this week of camp!