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Hello all,

“Cooking and Baking Week” has come and gone and boy, was it great! Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived to school on Monday ready to get cooking and baking!  They were so excited to learn that the first assignment for Cooking and Baking Week was to make a classroom staple, play-dough – from scratch! Following the PPA play-dough recipe, the students portioned out, poured in, and mixed together all of the ingredients!  Here are the students in action!



After the two batches of play-dough had been cooked and had a chance to cool off, the teachers separated out a generous handful of play-dough for each child to take home (along with the recipe) in a baggie!  The leftover play-dough was combined together to make a big batch for the classroom! Monday was shaping up to be a very exciting day! The Cooking/Baking activities continued in the afternoon as the students began the first discussion of the week about a very important topic – Kitchen Safety!  Each afternoon throughout the week, the students discussed a different safety rule that would help them understand why it is so important to be careful in a kitchen.  Each day, the discussions began with the students working together to identify the various parts of a kitchen using the play kitchen from the Dramatic Play/Dress Up area as seen below. (Keep on reading to learn all of the rules discussed!)



On Tuesday, the cooking and baking continued as the students made home school-made sugar cookies from scratch! Following the recipe, the students portioned out, poured in, and mixed together all of the ingredients!  Needless to say, the cookies, after being baked, were thoroughly enjoyed by all students!  Here are the students in action.



As you may have noticed from the photographs above, Tuesday was also CrAzY oUtFit DaY at PPA!  Take a look at some of the WaCkY oUtFiTs that the students wore to camp that day!  What a WiLd and WaCkY day!



On Wednesday, the students arrived to school with their CrAzY hAtS on!  Take a look at some of the highlights from CrAzY hAt DaY!



The students spent the morning preparing the final baking activity of the week – M&M Popcorn Balls!  Here are the students in action!



On Thursday, the students trekked down Central Avenue to the local landmark, Goehrig’s Bakery! Over 75 years old, Goehrig’s Bakery has been providing sweet treats to patrons of Jersey City, Hudson County and beyond!  The students’ eyes widened as they entered the bakery and saw all of the delicious delicacies the bakery had to offer!  They even had the opportunity to meet and chat with Baker John!  During the chat, Baker John revealed that he began baking at the age of five years old and has been baking ever since!  When asked about kitchen safety, Baker John told the students that it was very important to be safe in the kitchen and never bake alone!  Here are some of the photographic highlights from the trip!



Friday was the final day of “Cooking and Baking Week”.  It was also the second field trip of camp – Rita’s Ice!  Upon arrival at Rita’s, the students were greeted warmly by Mr. Clifton, the owner of Rita’s Ice! Mr. Clifton welcomed the students by asking them if they had been to Rita’s before. The number of hands that flew into the air revealed that the students were not only familiar with Rita’s but EXCITED!  After some discussion about the way that Rita’s Ice makes their Ices, the students learned about the 58 flavors Rita’s is famous for. It was decided by vote, that the students would place an order for two of their flavors – Cherry and Cotton Candy!  Once the order was filled, the teachers paid for the treats and the students headed back to school. A special PPA thank you to Mr. Clifton for such a great and yummy field trip experience!  Upon their arrival to school, the students took turns coming up to the “Rita’s Ice Shop” inside the classroom. The students had a choice of one, two, or both flavors! Regardless of what flavor(s) they chose, one thing was for sure – everyone LOVES Rita’s!  Here are some of the photographs from the field trip!



As mentioned earlier, Kitchen and Baking Safety was discussed throughout the entire week.  To help reinforce these important, potentially life-saving rules, the following homework assignment was given to each student at the end of the week!




We hope that all of the students (and their families) enjoy doing their “homework” assignment in their own kitchens!  After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry – especially in a kitchen!  What a great week! As always, thank you for reading. Have a fun and safe weekend. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the Reminders to see all the photo albums from this week.





Events Next Week:


Craft Day!

The students will be creating a Police-inspired craft!


Fire Monitor Mike will visit PPA!

Due to an unexpected scheduling conflict, E.M.T. Tom will visit PPA on Thursday, July 26th.  Instead, Fire Monitor Mike will visit PPA and discuss his job as a Fire/Alarm Monitor and explain how his company helps monitor and keep PPA safe! 


Craft Day!

The students will be creating a Medical Professional-inspired craft!


Newark Museum/Planetarium Bus Field Trip!

All students must wear the camp shirt and pack a completely disposable lunch today! 

The bus will depart at 9:00 a.m. and return at 1:30 p.m.

Parents welcome to attend – don’t forget to pack a lunch, if so! 

Please notify Miss Justine if you plan to attend!


Jersey City Firehouse Walking Field Trip!

The students will depart at 9:15 a.m. and return around 11:30 a.m.

Students are welcome to wear their camp shirt, not required. 

Parents welcome to attend!

Theme for Next Week: