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Welcome to the 2011 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp Blog!  Updated every Friday afternoon, the Summer Camp Blog provides parents and students with an in-depth description complete with photographs and videos of each day of camp!  The following entry details all of the exciting events that took place during “Welcome to Camp Week”.  Read on below to learn all about the fun that was had and learning that took place!


Hello all,

The 2011 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp began this week with “Welcome to Camp Week” and boy, are we off to a great start already!  The students wasted no time getting right into the swing of things!  As is always the case when summer camp begins, the returning students welcomed a new wave of campers into the group.  The teachers were so impressed to see how warmly the returning students welcomed their new friends, showed them the ropes, and even lent a helping hand when needed!

After a large group introduction during morning meeting on Wednesday, the students headed off to their morning activity stations.  Working in small groups around the room, the students explored the classroom before being called over to begin their morning work.  Seeing that camp began shortly after the nation celebrated its Independence Day, the teachers decided a craft inspired by the Fourth of July was a great choice!   Throughout the morning, the students were all a chatter about the booming and bursting fireworks they had seen in person or on their televisions.  What a great idea for an art project!

The students began by drawing the background for their firework scene!

Next, the students, using assorted colored paint, added their bright and booming fireworks!

The fireworks looked great.  A touch of glitter helped to make them look as beautiful as the Macy’s Fourth of July Firework show!

During the afternoons throughout “Welcome to Camp Week” the students discussed and role-played all of the rules of camp.  Part of the discussion included Park and Field Trip Safety.  The students practiced wearing pinnies and walking on the rope.  They did such a great job that the teachers are confident that they are ready to enjoy the beautiful playground and park throughout the rest of the summer!

The crafting fun continued on Thursday as the students welcomed some more new friends to camp!  For their art activity that day, the students created a special summer-inspired project – a Sunny and Smiley Sun!  The students started with a paper plate and added some glittery yellow paint to begin the transformation.

After adding eyes and a smile, the students began gluing their sun rays around their sun.

Here is the end result – a Sunny Sun!

Also on Thursday, the teachers set up the computer station with two BRAND NEW touch-screen HP computers!  A gift to Park Prep Academy from the PPA Class of 2011, the new computers will serve as an integral part of the Park Prep Academy classroom.  The students had a blast exploring the new computers and learning how to gently touch the screens!  Within minutes of being set up, the computers quickly became a classroom favorite!  Thank you again to the AMAZING students and parents of the PPA Class of 2011.  Your generosity is appreciated more than you know.

Friday was CrAzY oUtFiT dAy at Park Prep and the students DID NOT disappoint!  Take a look at some of these CrAzY oUtFiTs.

For their morning work, the students drew their own interpretation of their crazy outfits!  Here is one student posing with her artwork!  What a great job!

Well, that is all for “Welcome to Camp Week”.  What a great week it was!  It is going to be a great summer! As always, thank you for reading.  Be sure to check back next Friday as we recap week two of camp – “Community Week”.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Events Next Week:

Tuesday – Rita’s Ice Walking Trip

student-only field trip due to space

Wednesday – Jersey City E.M.S. Visit PPA!

Thursday – Jersey City Police Visit PPA!

Friday – Jersey City Fire Station Walking Trip

Parents welcome to attend!

Students will leave from PPA at 9:15 a.m.

Theme for Next Week:

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