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Hello all,

Letter O is for Occupation Week was Outstanding, Outrageous, and Out Of this world!  Read on below to learn about all the fun and learning that took place!

Monday began with the students’ shares.  Some of the highlights include Oranges, Octagons, Overalls, Olivia dolls, Origami, and Of course, many Occupation-themed items!  The students had a blast role playing so many different Occupations throughout the week!  Can you tell which occupation the students pictured below are role playing?

If you said a Chef and Construction Workers, then you are correct!

Also on Monday, the students celebrated Valentine’s Day at school.  For their morning work, the students crafted some valentines using a Valentine’s Day favorite – Conversation hearts!  Here is how they turned out!  The students were so proud of their creations that they could hardly wait to give the valentines out!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students worked on their letter O activities throughout their stations.  During the afternoon, the students brainstormed a list of letter O words.  Things got a bit tricky when the word One was added to the word list – particularly when Wonderful was suggested.  Despite some confusion initially, the students came up with some really great letter O words.  Here is one of the lists they came up with!

Thursday was the day that the Occupation theme really started!  Judging from the discussions that took place earlier in the week, the students had some “interesting” impressions as to what many of their parents’ occupations were.  The teachers thought that this would make for an incredibly sweet and funny “keepsake” art project.

The students were called to the morning work tables and interviewed for their thoughts about their parents’ occupations.  The students’ words were recorded by the teachers and boy, were they funny!  While some students were able to describel the exact occupation their parents have in great detail, others embellished a bit.  Whether their answers were on point or had missed the target a bit, they made for a big smile from their parents at pickup time.  Here are some of the students answers about Daddy’s Occupation.

“Daddy works at a bank.  He gives people money to buy stuff.  One time he gave me a lollipop there.”

“Daddy writes on a computer in his office in Hoboken.  He writes maybe a movie or something.”

“He works on a computer to make money.  He works at my house to make money for everything.  He eats sour cream.”

“Daddy be a lawyer.  He works Thursdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Saturday and Sunday he plays with me.”

Here are some responses about Mommy’s work.

“Mommy stays home for work.  She takes care for my family.”

“She does the same thing that Dad does.  She works in a  big apartment building – that is the only thing I know.”

“Mama is a policeman too.  She cleans up my house.”

“Mommy goes to work to talk to people.  That is all she does.”

After pondering about their parents’ occupations, the students chose what they would like their future occupation to be.  Here are some of their answers.

“I am going to be a knight so I can sword dragons.”

“Hmmm, there are so many things to choose!  I think I want to be a police to help keep people safe.”

“I would like to be a monkey when I grow up.”

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a big sister.”

To complete their projects, the students chose to illustrate one part of their occupation page.  Below is some of the illustrations.

During the afternoon, the students had Spanish class with Miss Saily where they practiced El Cuerpo (Body) vocabulary.  Using the Hokey Pokey song, the students took turns putting a…


then un BRAZO out!

Of course, the students enjoyed SHAKING THEM ALL ABOUT!

Can you guess what the word “brazo” means in English?  If you said, Arm, then you are correct!

On Friday morning, the students learned about a very special and unique occupation – being an artist!  The students took to the school easels to create their very own masterpiece!  Take a look at how amazing some of the PPA artists are.

On Friday afternoon, the students (and teachers) said “See You Soon” to our beloved Spanish teacher, Miss Saily, who began her maternity leave.  Miss Saily will be taking some time off from school while she and the rest of her family await the arrival of their baby girl.  Her presence will surely be missed at Park Prep over these next few weeks.  Be sure to stay tuned for updates regarding Miss Saily soon!

Well, that is all for “Letter O is for Occupations Week”.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend.  See you next week!



School is Closed Monday (2/21)

Observation of Presidents’ Day

March Tuition is due Thursday (2/24) and Friday (2/25)

Theme and Letter for Next Week:


Next week the students will be learning all about the letter P.  As a way to make letter P week a little more exciting, we ask that the students (if they wish) come to school dressed in “costume” as their favorite of the following P words – a Prince, a Princess, or a Pirate!  Students are welcome to come dressed up everyday that they attend school.  Thursday and Friday will be Pajama Day(s) where students are encouraged to wear their favorite pajamas to school.
For those students who attend school on Friday, we will have a P week Pizza Lunch.  If you do not wish for your child to have pizza, please pack a full lunch on Friday.
The students will be photographed throughout the week and an album with the students working hard while in costume will be added to the blog and photo gallery on Friday afternoon.
Feel free to search the 2010 P Week photo gallery to get some ideas and see what the students arrived wearing last year.  The “costume” can be as elaborate or simple as they wish, we just ask that it is practical for the school day.