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“Dress uP for Letter P Week” Blog Recap!

Ahoy Thar, Mateys!

“Letter P is for Pirates, Princesses, Princes, Pajamas, Pizza, etc. Week” was certainly one of the most Phenomenal, Playful, Pleasant, Perfect and Priceless weeks of the Park Prep 2017-2018 school year yet! Phew! That’s a lot of P words! Throughout the entire Letter P week, the students were invited to dress up as their favorite letter P words! Each day, the students arrived in Perfect “P” attire – they certainly did not disappoint! Whether dressed as a pirate, princess, prince, police, pediatricians (and more), the students were the picture of perfection! Here are some of the highlights from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!



Despite having such a silly theme for the week, the students did not let it interfere with their hard work!  They worked diligently on their Letter P identification morning work and also created their letter P word lists.  Naturally, the students Provided the PPA sharebox with Plenty of P items!



Do YOU see any letter P items above?

Answer:  Peppa Pig, Pencil, Play-Doh, and a Panda!

As if letter P week was not already exciting enough, Wednesday happened to be Valentine’s Day!  The students went home with Plenty of valentines and huge smiles on their faces!  They also enjoyed a PPA Valentine’s Day Party!  What a Perfect way to keep the fun going!



Thursday and Friday were Pajama Days at PPA!  Here are some of the photographic highlights from the PJ-fun and PPA’s Pizza Party Lunch on Thursday as well!



Speaking of Pizza, the student found it HILARIOUS that Pizza in Spanish is still Pronounced “Pizza” (the same way!) during their review of La Comida (Food) vocabulary in Spanish class this past week.  Throughout their discussion, they also learned a lot of other food words were the same in English as they are in Spanish.  Here are a few YUMMY examples:  Taco is Taco, Banana is (Yellow) Banana, Papaya is Papaya, Jalapeno is Jalapeño and more!

For their morning work on both Thursday and Friday, the students created the following Letter P/Pirate-inspired art!





Also on Friday, the students learned about the Chinese New Year!  The students were fascinated to discover the various ways the holiday is celebrated including: Chinese cultural traditions, foods, outfit and celebrations!



To learn more about the origin and celebration of the Chinese New Year, click below!



Wow!  Letter P week may have just been PERFECT!  Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog entry for ALL of the P week photos!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!





Observation of Presidents’ Day

Letter and Theme for Next Week:


Click here to view all of the photographic highlights from “Dress uP for Letter P Week”.