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“Dress Up for Letter P Week” Blog Recap!

Ahoy Thar, Mateys!

“Letter P is for Pirates, Princesses, Princes, Pajamas and Pizza Week” was certainly one of the most Phenomenal, Playful, Pleasant, Perfect and Priceless weeks of the 2015-2016 school year yet!  Phew!  That’s a lot of P words!  Throughout the entire Letter P week, the students were invited to dress up as their favorite letter P words!  Each day, the students arrived in Perfect “P” attire – they certainly did not disappoint!   Whether dressed as a pirate, princess, prince, police, or pediatricians, the students were the picture of perfection!  Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday and Wednesdays outfits!


dress up for p week


Despite having such a silly theme for the week, the students did not let it interfere with their hard work!  They worked diligently on their Letter P identification morning work on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  During the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, the students created their letter P word list.  This list was quite easy to come up with – particularly because there were so many living and breathing letter P words walking and talking around the room!


Letter P MW List and Shares

Do YOU see any letter P items above?

Answer:  Peppa Pig, Pencil, Play-Doh, and a Panda!

Also on Tuesday afternoon, the students were visited by an older sibling of a PPA student!  The second grader featured below came in to read a few P-week themed stories to the class!  What a great reader and what a special visit!  Thank you to this grade-schooler for coming in to spend the afternoon with us!


sister visit


Thursday marked the first craft day of the week!  It also was Pajama Day!  Take a look below for some of the PJ highlights from both Thursday and Friday!




For their morning work, the students created something that every good pirate needs – a telescope!  The students began by selecting a sparkly base color for their scope.  Next, they scoured through an assortment of pirate décor to select the perfect pieces to adorn and enhance their telescope.  Take a look below to see the very pretty telescopes that the Pirates of PPA created!




During the afternoon on Thursday (and Friday), the students participated in music class and then added some particularly phenomenal P words to their vocabulary in Spanish class!




The students arrived on Friday in their coziest PJ’s with one thing on their minds – Pizza Party at PPA!  While the students were all smiles as they showed off their jammies, little did they know that the letter P fun was only just beginning!  For their morning work on Friday, the students learned they would be assembling a Preschool Pirate!  Every good pirate needs a few things – a bandana or pirate hat, an eyepatch, earrings, and a mustache!  The only  problem was that the pirate did not have a face! The students all  wondered what materials they would be using for the pirate’s face.  Here’s the solution we came up with.




Well, with all the excitement of the morning, the students nearly forgot that they had ANOTHER special P-thing happening on Friday!  It was time for the Pizza Party at PPA!  Once the students had all washed their hands and found their seats, the pizza was distributed.  From the look of these photos, do you think the students enjoyed their Pizza Party?


pizza party in pjs


Wow!  Letter P week may have just been PERFECT!  Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog entry for ALL of the P week photos!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!




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