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“Fall/Autumn Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Fall/Autumn Week” was full of Fall excitement! Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place.

The teachers began the week by asking the students what happens in the Fall.  Hands flew into the air as responses such as “the leaves fall down” and “the leaves change color” were shared, but Fall is not just about leaves! Other answers such as, “We do not go swimming at the pool anymore” or “We wear sweaters and coats” were mentioned. One student brought in a football to share because as she said, “Fall means Football!” Regardless of what the students associated Fall with, one thing was for sure – Fall is Fun! Throughout Fall/Autumn Week, the students created beautiful Fall-inspired art to honor this beautiful and dynamic season!

On Monday, the students created a beautiful and Awesome Autumn Place Mat art project.  Take a look below to see the students in action.



On Tuesday morning, the students crafted a colorful Fall tree using not only their hands, but whole arms! Some brown paint proved just the right fit to create a beautiful tree trunk and branches while some paint on a sponge created the green thinned-out treetop!  To complete the fall tree, the students dipped Q-tips in assorted fall-colored paints to represent the colorful leaves that would soon fall to the ground!


On Monday (and Tuesday) afternoon, the students created a list of all things Fall!  Here is what they came up with!



The Fall Fun continued on Wednesday and Thursday as the students put the art supplies away and decided to TaStE the Fall! 🙂 On Thursday, the students took turns FEELING the inside of a HUGE class pumpkin!  The GoOeY stringy inside revealed many GoOeY pumpkin seeds!  With a quick rinse and a pinch of salt, the seeds were ready for the class oven for roasting!  Later that day, the students enjoyed eating the yummy seeds!



Seeing that apple picking is such a fun Fall activity, the students spent Thursday morning participating in an Apple Tasting where they sampled assorted types of apples including: Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and Golden Supremes!  After tasting each apple, the students were asked to describe what they tasted.  After all the apples had been tasted, the students charted their favorite apple type.  Although it was a close race, we found out our class likes Granny Smith Apples the best!



During the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday, the students had music class where they danced, sang along and even learned some special fall songs.  Here are the lyrics of one of their new favorites:



All the leaves are tumbling down.

Days are nippy, Nights are clear,

Summer’s over, Fall is here!

The afternoon wrapped up with a technology presentation all about – yep, you guessed it – FALL!  However, to really understand the Fall, it is important to consider what happens in each of the seasons!  Watch below to play the game “Guess The Seasons!” like the students did!  They got an A+, how about you?

Friday afternoon was the Park Prep Academy Pumpkin Picking Party at the Park! One by one, the PPA parents began to arrive. Needless to say, the students greeted them warmly! Once everyone had arrived, the students headed over to the pumpkin patch and began selecting their pumpkins! After all the pumpkins had been picked, the students and their parents made their way back to school to begin decorating!  Using felt pieces, sparkly sequins, feathers, pompoms and more, the students and their parents transformed the regular pumpkins into sparkly masterpieces! The pumpkins were set aside to dry before the party wrapped up and the students headed home to enjoy the weekend! What an amazing day it was!

Wow!  What an amazing week!  Although “Fall/Autumn  Week” has come and gone, the students have a while left to enjoy all of  the fun and wonder that the Fall brings!  As always, thank you for  reading and have a wonderful and safe weekend!



October Reminders:

School Picture Day

Wednesday, October 4th

ALL STUDENTS (regardless of enrollment  schedule) should arrive by 8:45 a.m.  Individual portraits and class  photographs will be taken. Students who do not attend school on Wednesday (2 dayers) will be picked up before lunch at 11:45 a.m. Students who attend school on Wednesday will stay for the full school day.


Monday, October 9th – Observation of Columbus Day

PPA Halloween Party

Tuesday, October 31st

(2:00-3:00 p.m.)

All PPA students and parents are welcome to attend this event IN COSTUME 🙂

School ends at 3:00 p.m. today.  Aftercare is not available.

 Theme for Next Week:

Click here to view the photographs from the 2017 PPA Pumpkin Picking Party!