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“Friendship” Week is Next!

Hello all!

All About Me Week has come and gone.  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and the learning that took place!

The students left school on Thursday and Friday of last week with their first homework assignment of the school year!  The assignment was to create an “All-About-ME” poster about themselves!  Monday began with the sharing of the first posters that were returned to school.  Once the posters were shared, they were handed to Miss Justine who then displayed them prominently on the classroom walls.  Here’s what the walls looked like at the end of the week!  The PPA students surely “aced” their first assignment!

The art project on Monday was to create a self-portrait.  The students looked in a mirror to identify the colors needed to draw the different parts of their face.  Starting at the top of their heads and working their way down, the students completed their faces.  Regardless of age, the students did an amazing job making their portraits.  Here is a group of the younger students’ work.

Here is a group of older students’ work.

Clearly, each portrait had it’s own personality.  This student was the only one who decided to add teeth!

As a way to get to know one another a little better, the students spent the afternoon charting “All about… THEM!”  The question asked on Monday was, “How Old Are You?”  After each student had a turn to come up a make their tally or “mark” on the board, they learned that there are the most four year olds in school, followed closely by the three year olds, and then the two year old group.  The “five years or older” category was full of just teachers but that will change shortly as the first four year old turns five late next month!

Tuesday was all about names!  Using special sponge stampers, the students spelled out their names in paint!  For obvious reasons, the picture below shows a student holding the school’s name rather than his own!

On Tuesday afternoon, the students charted again.  This time the question was, “Are You a Boy or a Girl?”  The teachers decided that perhaps counting stamp tallies would be fun!  Using butterfly stampers, the students took turns coming up and stamping their response in the appropriate column.  Here are two students in action!

The students returned to school on Wednesday with a photograph their family.  This photograph was particularly helpful since the students spent the morning drawing a family portrait.

Needless to say, this was an extremely exciting and in some cases, silly, activity! One student decided to ad-lib a bit based on the photograph that was selected.  Can you tell which family member recently joined the family?  Here is a hint – he likes CoOoOoOoOkies!

The portraits looked amazing.  They were kept at school and hung on a clothesline in the classroom.  Be sure to take a look next time you come in.

Thursday was spent learning about how TALL everyone is!  The students took turns coming up to the class height charts to be measured in the traditional way.

After they were measured, the students (and some teachers) wrote the numbers in on their height sheet.

The students assumed they had finished their morning work for the day but little did they know, they were just getting started!  Part two of the “How Tall Are You” project involved measuring in a SiLLy (non-traditional) way!

The students laid down and measured their friends using assorted classroom materials such as: building blocks,

train tracks,

and even storybooks!

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Needless to say, the students had a blast comparing their SiLLy “height” or “length” throughout the day!  This activity was surely a big hit!   The afternoon was spent charting, “How Many People Live in MY Home”.

Friday wrapped up “All About ME” week.  The students spent the morning creating a TOP SECRET Back-To-School-Night Project for their parents to open at Back-To-School-Night next week.  As is usually the case with “top secret” operations, the details of Friday must be kept under wraps – well, until Wednesday evening at least! 🙂

That is all for “All About Me” Week.  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Monday Students Only: Please bring in ONE piece of fruit to contribute to the Class Friendship Fruit Salad!  The students will work together to combine the fruit and enjoy later in the day!

Back to School Night  is Wednesday, September 22nd

(7:30-8:30 p.m.)

Parents Only Please

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