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Happy Holidays! School resumes Wed., Jan 2nd!

Hello all,

The students welcomed winter this week although they all noted that the end of fall did not really seem much different!  With temperatures much colder than usual, the end of fall seemed like the middle of winter!  The students arrived at school on Monday bundled up in their winter warmest and were ready to get started!

Throughout each morning of “Winter Week”, the students crafted beautiful winter-themed art projects to display in their homes!  For their morning work on Monday, the students crafted an adorable animal who loves cold weather – a penguin!



Throughout “Winter Week”, the students spent each afternoon rehearsing for the first ever “PPA Holiday Party Winter Performance!”  Each day, the students rehearsed the three songs that they would be performing at the end of the week at the holiday party!  Here is a “behind the scenes” look at what rehearsal looked like.  Some local firefighters popped in to say hello and join in on the rehearsal!



On Tuesday morning, the students created a delicious and sparkly Gingerbread person!


Things got snowy on Wednesday morning as the students worked to assemble a wintry snowman – or snow-lady as one of the four year olds suggested.



Thursday morning began with a reading of a poem written by Miss Jocelyn called The Lost Mitten.

Lost Mitten

Today, I lost a brand new mitten;

it was really such a blunder.

Now I am left with only one

and I can’t help but wonder…

Where does a mitten go

when it has lost its pair?

Does it stay in just one place

or travel here and there?

Maybe a lost mitten

eats crepes in Paris, France.

Or maybe it flies to Honolulu

to do a hula dance.

Perhaps all lost mittens

travel far, far east,

to walk the entire Great big Wall

and eat a Chinese feast!

Maybe mittens that are lost

all go to the same place –

a secret Mitten Playland,

way out in outer space!

No matter where my mitten goes

one thing is for sure,

I’ll keep this mitten around

should the other return once more!


The students had a blast imagining where their lost mittens might be and their answers were recorded on the back of their “one mitten” art project!  What funny answers they came up!  What a fun project!



The winter fun continued on Friday as the students spent the morning preparing for the PPA Winter Celebration that afternoon!  Before long, it was time to party!  The PPA parents began arriving at 2:00 p.m. and the party began!  To start the party, Miss Caitlin read a special winter story!  After the story, the students gathered together “on stage” as it was time for the show!  First, the girls performed their “Snowflake Song”.


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Next, the boys performed their “Gingerbread Song”.


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For the grande finale, both the PPA girls and PPA boys gathered together to lead the entire room in a very adorable rendition of Jingle Bells!


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Wow!  The  “PPA Holiday Party Winter Performance” was a complete success!  The students did such an incredible job performing and what better way to reward them than with yummy holiday treats!  The students and their families spread around the classroom and helped themselves to a wide assortment of holiday treats!  What an amazing turnout the 2012 PPA Winter Holiday Celebration had!  Thank you to all of the families that were in attendance; we hope you had a wonderful time!  Be sure to view all of the photos from the party by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog entry!



Everyone at Park Prep Academy would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the students and their families a wonderful, happy, healthy holiday and new year!  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next year!



Special Announcement(s)

Park Prep Academy would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to TWO of our favorite people!  Jersey City Police Officer Lorenzo Tosado, affectionately known as “Officer Tosado” to the students of PPA and PPA’s own Miss Elizabeth!

Officer Tosado will likely need a name change as we head into 2013 as he was recently promoted to the position of Sargent!  Sargent Tosado has a lovely ring to it!  Congratulations Sargent Tosado and of course, thank you for keeping us safe!



For her tremendous voluntary efforts working with Organization Goody Bag over the past ten years, Miss Elizabeth was awarded the President’s  Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama! She received a personalized certificate of achievement and a note of congratulations from the President.   There is a bronze, silver and gold award.   Well, guess what?   Miss Elizabeth received the Gold Award!   We are so proud of your efforts Miss Elizabeth!  Way to go!



School Closed for Winter Recess

12/24/12 – 1/2/13

School Resumes on

Wednesday, January 2nd


Click here to view all of the photos from the

2012 PPA Winter Holiday Celebration!