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Hello all,

¡El Segundo Semana de Ejercitacion en Espanol fue muy buena! – i.e. –  The second week of Spanish Review was very good!  The students picked up right where they left off at the end of “Spanish Review Week Uno” as they spent the  entire week practicing and reviewing the vocabulary they learned  throughout the second part of the 2013-2014 school year.  Whether it was during share time, morning work or morning stations, the students  clearly had Spanish Review on their minds!

The Spanish Review  unit of focus on Monday was Los Animales (animals).  Similar to last week, the students crafted a special project to help review the vocabulary.  In order to do so, the students transformed a brown paper  bag into a cute and cuddly oso (bear) puppet!  Take a look below to see them in action!




In the afternoons throughout each day of “Spanish Review Week DOS” the students participated in technology presentations where they reviewed their vocabulary but also had the opportunity to witness some of their favorite classroom storybooks come to life – en Español – in Spanish!  Do you recognize this story?



On Tuesday, the students revisited the Spanish unit – Mi Cuerpo/Mi Cara (My Body/My Face).  This was by far the silliest craft of all of the Spanish Review Week activities.  The students created and assembled “Una Cara Divertida” or a Funny Face!  The students painted some glue onto the top of their paper face then added different colored glitter to create shiny, silly pelo (hair).  Using magazine clippings of assorted body parts, the students selected a pair of colorful orejas (ears), silly ojos (eyes), a funny nariz (nose), and a boca con dientes (mouth with teeth).  Depending on which cutouts the students selected, some of the “Caras Divertidas” contained the ojos (eyes) of a woman, the nariz (nose) of a man, and the boca (mouth) of a baby!  The Caras Divertidas sure were funny!  See for yourself below!




On Wednesday, the students revisited the Spanish unit – La Comida (Food).  What better way is there to learn about food than to make some?  Working in pairs, the students prepared and tasted a couple tasty dishes enjoyed in many Spanish speaking countries.  First, the students tasted corn chips and salsa.  Next, they tried their hands at preparing their very own cheese quesadilla using a flour tortilla and shredded cheese.  After a quick trip to the microwave, the quesadillas were ready and boy, were they enjoyed!  The students all noted that their morning work was “Muy Deliciouso” (very delicious).




On Thursday, the students revisited the Spanish unit – La Ropa (Clothing).  The students spent the morning designing their very own wearable gorro (hat).  Even though the gorros required a little bit of a balancing act to stay in place, the students loved their new accessory and did not seem to mind!




On Friday, the students crafted the final Spanish Review project from La Transportación (Transportation) Unit.  The students reused paper towel rolls to create un tren (train) car.




What an amazing year of Spanish learning it was!  Well, that is all for “Spanish Review Week DOS”!  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next week!  Have a safe and fun weekend!



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