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Hello all,

¡El Segundo Semana de Ejercitacion en Espanol fue muy buena! – i.e. – The second week of Spanish Review was very good!  The students picked up right where they left off at the end of “Spanish Review Week Uno” as they spent the entire week practicing and reviewing the vocabulary they learned throughout the second part of the 2010-2011 school year.  Whether it was during share time, morning work or morning stations, the students  clearly had Spanish Review on their minds!  Take a peek below to see how one group turned the block station into Spanish Review of “Mi Cuerpo” (My Body) vocabulary.

The unit of Spanish Review on Monday was La Comida (Food).  Similar to last week, the students crafted a special project to help review their vocabulary. Using tissue paper, the students turned brown construction paper into pan (bread) for a sándwich (sandwich).  The students each created a Sándwich de Jamón, Queso, y Lechuga (Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Lettuce).  The vegetarian students created a delicious Sándwich de Tomate, Queso, y Lechuga (Tomato, Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich).  Meat or without meat, these sándwiches sure looked “Muy Deliciouso” (very delicious).

Just like last week, the back of each project contained a list of all the vocabulary in the unit as well as the song!  Here is the back of the Sándwich.

During the afternoons each day, the students played various games to review their Spanish vocabulary.  On Monday, the game that was played involved grocery shopping in the kitchen area.  Can you say (en Español) the names of these foods?

If you said, “Papa, Queso, Lechuga, Tomate” (Potato, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato) then you are correct!

Also on Monday, the teachers presented the students with a BIG surprise.  Late last week on Friday afternoon, Park Prep’s doorbell was buzzed by a UPS delivery man holding a package.  The teachers were so excited to see that the package was from since they had ordered several special books.  One book in particular was perfect for Spanish Review Week!  The teachers waited all weekend to reveal it to the students!    The title of the book is “!No dejes que la Paloma conducza el autobus!”  Do you know what the book is called in English?

If you said the classroom favorite, “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus!” by Mo Willems, then you are correct!  Using both books, Miss Saily read the words first, then Miss Jocelyn translated the words into English.  The students were so excited when they learned how to say the Spanish word for their favorite Mo Willem’s character of all- the Pigeon or La Paloma!  Just in case you were wondering, the students DID NOT let La Paloma drive the bus! 🙂

On Tuesday, the students reviewed Spanish unit four – Mi Cuerpo/Mi Cara (My Body/My Face).  This was by far the silliest craft of all of the Spanish Review Week activities.  The students created and assembled “Una Cara Divertida” or a Funny Face!  First, the students painted some glue onto the top of their paper face then added different colored glitter to create shiny, silly pelo (hair).  Using magazine clippings of assorted body parts, the students selected a pair of colorful orejas (ears), silly ojos (eyes), a funny nariz (nose), and a boca con dientes (mouth with teeth).  Depending on which cutouts the students selected, some of the “Caras Divertidas” contained the ojos (eyes) of a woman, the nariz (nose) of a man, and the boca (mouth) of a baby!  The Caras Divertidas sure were funny!  See for yourself below!

Like the other projects before, the other side of the face contained the following.

During the afternoon, the students played Simon Dice (Simon Says) to practice their Mi Cuerpo/Mi Cara vocabulary.  They had a blast despite not fully following the rules! 🙂

On Wednesday, the students reviewed unit five of Spanish – La Ropa (Clothing).  The students took turns coming to the morning work table and drawing a self-portrait.  Once the face had been created, it was decided that it needed a body, particularly one with la ropa (clothing)!  The students reviewed both La Ropa (clothing) and Los Colores (colors) unit while assembling their outfits.  La camisa (shirt) was added first.  Either pantalones (pants) or una falda (skirt) were added next.  The students selected then added a pair of zapatos (shoes) and un gorro (hat).  Some brazos (arms) and piernas (legs) were added.  Then finally, the students added some decorative adornments to their camisa (shirt) and their pantalones (pants) or falda (skirt).

Here is how some of the boys’ projects turned out.

Here is how some of the girls’ projects turned out.  Be sure to look at the project on the bottom right.  What a clever way to draw hands -just trace your own!  🙂

During Wesdesday afternoon, the students reviewed their La Ropa vocabulary and then created special invitations for Daddies to the Park Prep Academy Father’s Day Celebration which will take place next week.

On Thursday, the students reviewed unit six (and perhaps the most favorite unit) of Spanish – Los Animales (animals).  In order to do so, the students created a very LARGE animal  – el elefante (elephant).  After selecting a color, the student painted la cara de elefante (elephant’s face).

Next, the students added los orejas (ears).

Finally, la trumpa de elefante  (elephant’s trunk) was added.

Now, the students did not create regular elefantes, these elefantes were elefantes del circo (circus elephants).  The students added a special sparkly headdress to their elephantes!

The students were so excited to not only review animal vocabulary but also vocabulary from other units including los colores (colors) and mi cuerpo (my body) units.  Here is how the completed project turned out.

Of course, the other side of the elefante mask had the following vocabulary and song.

On Friday, the students crafted the final Spanish Review project from La Transportación (Transportation) Unit.  The students crafted un helicóptero (helicopter) using uncooked NOODLES!  In order to do so, the students used paint and a cup to stamp the round part (the cabin) of the helicóptero onto their paper.

The students used assorted noodles to create the long propellers (mast and main rotor blades), the tail (tail boom), the tail blades (tail rotor blades),  and the landing gear (skid).

Once the paint had dried, the students drew a pilot inside the cabin.  Here is how the completed project turned out!

The vocabulary and song from the entire unit was added to the front of their helicóptero.

During the afternoon, the students took part in a technology presentation where they watched all the Spanish videos made throughout the school year featuring Park Prep students!  Do you remember this one?

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

How about this one?

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Talk about some great singing!  A special GRACIAS to Miss Saily and Miss Beverly for an amazing year of Spanish class!  What an amazing year it was!  Well, that is all for Spanish Review Week DOS!  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next week!  Have a safe and fun weekend!



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