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Hello all,

“Fall/Autumn Week” was full of beautiful Fall weather and loads of Fall excitement! Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place.

Monday morning began with a discussion about the theme of the week – Fall/Autumn.  The teachers asked the students what happens in the Fall.  Hands flew into the air as responses such as “the leaves fall down” and “the leaves change color” were shared.  But Fall is not just about leaves!   Other answers such as as “we do not go swimming at the pool anymore” or “we wear sweaters and coats” were mentioned.  One student brought in a football to share because as he said, “Fall means Football!”  Regardless of what the students associated Fall with, one thing was for sure – Fall was Fun!  Throughout Fall/Autumn Week, the students created beautiful Fall-inspired art to honor this beautiful and dynamic season!

On Monday, the students crafted a colorful Fall tree using not only their hands, but whole arms! Some brown paint proved just the right fit to create a beautiful tree trunk and branches while some paint on a sponge created the green thinned-out treetop!  To complete the fall tree, the students dipped their fingertips in assorted fall-colored paints to represent the colorful leaves that would soon fall to the ground!

Monday and Tuesday afternoon, the students brainstormed a list of Fall Favorites!  Naturally, Halloween made the list but take a look below to see what else did!

On Tuesday morning, the students created a fall tree in a different way.  This time, they used stampers, a paper towel roll, and construction paper.

This tree had a special height measurement on it as well.

The teachers explained that the students of PPA grow all year long while trees in New Jersey, on the other hand, only grow during the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer.  The students learned that a New Jersey tree measured in the Fall will be pretty much the same height when the seasons change to Spring because the cool Fall and cold Winter temperatures do not help trees grow!  The students were shocked to learn that trees in warm places like Hawaii or Mexico grow much faster because it stays warm there all year long!  To help check this point, the students were measured and their heights recorded.  We will check back during “Spring Week” to see just how much our students grew – even during the cold months!

On Wednesday, the students, using assorted items collected from outside, assembled their Fall Foliage art project. Everything from acorns, maple tree seeds (known affectionately as polly noses), leaves, grass, and twigs were added!

During the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday, the students practiced a special fall song.  Here are the lyrics:

Red and yellow, green and brown,

All the leaves are tumbling down.

Days are nippy, Nights are clear,

Summer’s over, Fall is here!

Here is the tune:

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On Thursday, the students created their own Fall pumpkin patch!  First, they selected their pumpkins and placed them on their paper.

Next, they drew the pumpkin stems.

Finally, they added some silly pumpkin seeds to complete their project!

By the time Friday had arrived, the students created something to help protect the pumpkins in their pumpkin patch – a scarecrow!  Farmers place scarecrows in the middle of their fields to help scare away birds (particularly crows) that will eat a farmer’s crops.  Take a peek below to see how the students assembled their own scarecrows!

On Friday afternoon, the students learned another Fall song – this time there was a bit of a dance with it!  Here are the lyrics that the students learned.

Autumn winds begin to blow,

Colored leaves fall fast and slow,

Whirling, twirling all around,

Till at last they touch the ground!

And here is the dance!

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It is the tune of “Ring Around the Rosie!”  What a great song and what a great week!  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!



School is Closed Monday

October 10th – Observation of Columbus Day

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Friday, October 14th

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Friday, October 21st

ALL STUDENTS (regardless of enrollment schedule) should arrive by 8:30 a.m.  Individual portraits and class photographs will be taken.  11:45 a.m. pick-up for students who do not attend school on Fridays.

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Monday, October 31st

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Aftercare is not available.

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