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“Letter C is for Construction Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter C is for Construction Week” was by far the Coolest week of the 2017-2018 school year yet!  The students entered school each day with a Crazy amount of Letter C shares! Everything from Cookies, Camping supplies, Coloring books, Cows and Construction vehicles were sent in and shared!  There were tons of Letter C books that came in as well!  To help explore the letter C, the students also learned all about counting!  Well, “Letter C is for Construction Week” has come and gone.  Read on below to discover the learning that took place and fun that was had throughout the week!

The students spent both Monday and Tuesday morning working one on one with the teachers to complete their Letter C identification/fine motor activity sheets.  The teachers were so impressed with how easily the new students recognized the letter C and also how well the older students remembered all things “C” during their morning work!  In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students created the third letter list of the year!  Naturally, the letter C list was full of Creative answers!  As a whole group, the students took turns brainstorming and contributing words that begin with the letter C and also hunted around the classroom for Countless  letter C items!



Do you see any letter C shares?

Answer:  Crown, Crayons, Crab, Chicken and a C!

The art exploration of the theme of the week began on Wednesday as the students learned all about the various types of vehicles involved in Construction projects!  The students had quite an extensive knowledge of Construction vehicles and even created the following art project to help them remember a common Construction vehicle.  Do you know the name of this Construction vehicle?



On Thursday morning, the students were super excited to learn that they would be transforming into Construction workers themselves to create their very own Construction Cityscape – or should we say City-SHAPE!  Using assorted Construction paper shapes, the students created all types of construction projects!  Whether they had tall skyscrapers, short bridges, or wide homes in their cityscape, one thing was for sure – they looked awesome!



That is not all that happened on Thursday morning!  Shortly after the second rotation of morning activity stations, there was a knock on the door.  Low and behold, a REAL-LIFE Construction professional walked into the classroom!  The Construction professional (and PPA Daddy) was wearing his (nearly) Complete Construction safety gear!   The PPA Daddy explained to the students that he was here to teach them about what he does each day and explain a bit more about how buildings and other construction projects are completed.  The students were fascinated to learn that there were so many people, machines and steps involved in making construction projects happen!   A special PPA Thank You to this Daddy for teaching the students all about the amazing and Complex field of ConstruCtion!  How Cool is that? 🙂


The students loved hearing a reading of the story, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker.  Be sure to click below to enjoy it as well!

Throughout Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the students participated in both Music class and Spanish class.  They even combined the two in practicing our “Hola Song” and “Adios Song”.  Here are the lyrics below!


The Hola Song

Sung to the tune of “London Bridge”

Hola means Hello – o – o!

Hello – o – o!

Hello – o – o!

Hola means Hello – o – o!

¡Hola Amigos!

The Adios Song

Sung to the tune of “London Bridge”

Adios means Goooood-bye!



Adios means Goooood-bye!

¡Adios Amigos!


On Friday morning, the students were visited by not one, but TWO, sibling guest readers!  The fourth and first graders visited PPA to help the students start their day!  What fantastic readers they are!  A special PPA Thank You to these friends for visiting us!



Later on Friday morning, the students worked in small groups to Create Collaborative Construction projects with their Classmates!  Whew!  Try saying that three times fast 🙂  To begin, the students headed to PPA’s Dramatic Play Area to put on Construction safety vests, Construction hats, and Construction safety goggles.  Next, they headed to the Classroom Fix-It Shop to find the right tools for the job.  Finally, the students headed to PPA’s Block Area and began Constructing!  Take a look at some of the AMAZING Construction projects the students came up with!  What an amazing day and way to explore such a fun and important theme of the week!



On Friday afternoon, the students participated in a discussion and technology presentation all about Construction!  They particularly enjoyed exploring a real live Construction site and learning all about the various jobs involved in Construction:  Architects, Engineers, Builders, Machine Operators and more!  Of course, the students LOVED seeing their buddies, The Storybots, at the end!


Well, that is all for “Letter C is for Construction Week”; it sure was Cool!  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!



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