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Hello all,

“Halloween Week” at PPA was Spooktacular!  Read on below to learn how the ghouls and boys of PPA spent the week preparing for Halloween.  All week long, the students worked on spooky Halloween-themed crafts and activities to help get in the mood for the  favorite fall holiday!

On Monday, the students entered school ready to discuss all things Halloween!  The shares ranged from spooky to scary to silly and sparkly!  One sparkly spider share actually lived up to its name by sharing its sparkles with everyone who touched it- particularly the teachers, who were finding sparkles on them even two days later!

After all the shares had been discussed, the students welcomed back a recent PPA graduate/big brother of a current PPA student.  The boy photographed below came to visit the students of PPA and talk about the wondrous world of Kindergarten!  A special thank you to our first of many former PPA student visitors that visited this past week!  It is always so nice seeing old friends – what a wonderful visit it was!


brother visit


For their morning work on Monday, the students painted and decorated their very own SpOoKy and gLitTeRy Halloween Bats!


bats mon


On Tuesday, the students made a wearable Halloween craft!  The students transformed regular party hats into Witch and Wizard hats!  Once the hats had been decorated, they were set aside to dry.  Also drying was the black paper plates that would later be the brim of the hat!  When the two pieces dried, the hat was assembled and the witchery/wizardry began!


witch wizard

On Wednesday, the students listened to Ed Emberly’s classic book, Go Away Big Green Monster!  In the story, the reader encounters a big green monster and describes all of the monster’s scary parts including: two yellow eyes, a big red mouth, sharp white teeth, etc.  The brave reader decides to remove each of the monster’s scary parts until he is all gone!  Since it was Halloween Week at PPA, the student decided to create their very own Big Green Monsters to scare away!

green monster


Also on Wednesday, the students welcomed the second former PPA student back to the school!  The first grader photographed below came in to read a story to  the class after celebrating her sister’s birthday at PPA!  What a nice way to wrap up the day!  Thank you for joining us!




On Thursday, the students stopped crafting and began cooking as they made a delicious snack for their morning work!  They wrapped pizza dough around a mini-organic turkey hot-dog or cheese stick to create a Yummy Mummy!  After the mummies had been wrapped up, Miss Taryn popped the yummy mummies into an oven for about fifteen minutes.  The students thoroughly enjoyed eating the yummy mummies later in the day.




Throughout the afternoons of Halloween Week, the students collaborated to create another class book.  The subject of the book was of course, Halloween!  Each page reads, “This Halloween, I am dressing up as…”  The teachers filled in the students’ words and then the students created the illustration!  Here are some highlights.  Be sure to take a peek on your next visit to PPA!




The students also spent the afternoons learning some fun and spooky Halloween songs!  This one was particularly popular.

If you’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!
If you’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!
If you’re a ghost and you know it,
and you really want to show it,
If you’re a ghost and you know it,
just say Boo!

continue with….
Cat, say Meow!
Skeleton, Shake your Bones!
Bat, Flap your wings!
Vampire, Show your teeth!
Werewolf, give a howl!
Mummy, give a groan!

Finally, the day had come – Friday was Halloween!  The students arrived at school in their Halloween costumes and boy, did they look great!


Also on Friday morning, the students were visited by a bunch of former PPA students!  The students photographed below each returned to PPA to read Halloween stories to the class!  What an amazing visit to have so many old friends back at the same time!  Thank you to all of the visitors who joined us this week!


Friday afternoon was the PPA Halloween Party!  Nearly all of the students (and their families) were in attendance and in costume too!  After reading a silly story and singing a super silly Halloween song, the students marched around the classroom in their costumes!  Once the parade had made its way through, the students had a chance to play  and dance together as well as enjoy some special Halloween treats!  What an amazing day it was!  A special PPA thank you to all of the families who attended the Halloween Party.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog entry to view ALL of the photographs from the 2014 PPA Halloween Celebration!


Well, that is all for this week’s blog entry!  Thank you to all of the students and family members who attended the PPA Halloween Celebration!  We hope you had an amazing time!  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!  See you next week!



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Click here to view all of the photos from the 2014 PPA Halloween Celebration!