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“Letter F is for Feet Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter F is for Feet Week” was not only Fascinating, it was fiery, funky, funny, and certainly fun-filled!  Read on below to see all the fun and learning that took place!

At the beginning of the week, the students worked one on one with their teachers to complete their letter F identification activity pages.  The students had to trace/write the letter F, distinguish the letter F against other letter sounds, and color the letter F pictures.  It was hard work but definitely FUN!  During the afternoons, the students created letter F lists (see below).  Things got a bit funny when the students suggested words like phenomenal for the list.  Despite a few tricky words, the list was created!  They also hunted for “F’s” all around the classroom!  One of the students found an F on his body – feet – how fitting for “Letter F is for Feet Week”!  

“Letter F is for Feet Week” began and the students filled the share box with a wonderful assortment of letter F shares including: feathers, fuzzies, frogs, and of course, foot-related items such as shoes and socks!  Do you see any Letter F items in the picture below?



The “Feet” exploration began on Wednesday as the students found out that they would be discussing animal feet!  For morning work, they used various foot-shaped stampers to create different animal tracks on their paper.  Some of the tracks were easier to identify (duck and dog) and others were a bit tougher (pig and frog).  The teachers also informed the students that certain animals have what we would consider “feet” but they are described differently.  For instance, animals such as dogs, cats and bears have feet called paws.   Animals such as cows, horses, and pigs have feet called hooves.  Also, people and elephants have feet but then ducks and penguins have webbed feet.  The students LOVED learning about all the variety of feet out there – especially when they saw how different the feet on birds can be!  They determined that Feet are FUN!



On Thursday, the Feet Fun continued as the students created the following colorful art project!  Can you tell what they traced?  If you said, “FEET!” then you are correct!



During the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, the students continued their exploration of Los Numeros (Numbers) in Spanish class.  They had a blast incorporating the theme of the week:  FEET into their number review.  Try it now at home!

Jump up into the air CINCO (5) times!

Stomp your foot SEIS (6) times!

Tap your toes TRES (3) times!

Click your heels CUATRO (4) times!


Friday was a particularly fun day as the students began the morning with a technology presentation all about… you guessed it, FEET!  The students LOVED playing the “WHOSE FEET ARE THESE? GAME”.  Would you like to play as well?  Test your knowledge below.



After having a ball playing the game, the students were asked the very important question WHY do these animals have those feet?  Through their investigation, the students learned that animal bodies are the way they are and look the way they do to help them live, move, eat, protect themselves, hunt, and more!  The students loved learning all about the different types of feet out there – webbed, sticky, wide, skinny, etc.  What a fun way to end the week!  What a Fantastic week it was!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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