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Letter “F” is for Fire Week

Letter F week was Fabulous!  The students brought in such a wonderful assortment of letter F shares including: feathers, fuzzies, frogs, and of course, fire safety items!  The fire safety shares were particularly helpful as we were discussing many of the different topics related to fire safety and fire prevention.

On Monday, the students started off the week by working on their letter F tracing and letter F identification activity sheets.  The students had to trace/write the letter F, distinguish the letter F against other letter sounds, and color the letter F pictures.  It was hard work but definitely fun!  In the afternoon, the students created a list of words starting with the letter F.  Some of the highlights included: Frog, Firefighter (double F!), Fish, Feet, Flippers, and Fairies.

On Tuesday, the students continued to work on their letter F tracing and identification activity sheets.  During the afternoon, the students went around the classroom locating the letter F wherever they could.  One of the students found an F on his body – feet!

Wednesday was a very exciting day!  The teachers compiled a series of computer clips to help the students visualize what to expect if there was ever a fire in their home.  The students learned what to do if their clothes ever caught on fire.  Here are the two clips that the students viewed to help learn about STOP, DROP, and ROLL!  The first shows what to do in the event of a fire and the second is a silly clip to have a laugh with.  You won’t believe who else can Stop, Drop, and Roll!  Enjoy!

The students had the opportunity to practice how to Stop, Drop, and Roll a little later on.Since they had so much fun practicing, the teachers decided to photograph each student as they Stopped, Dropped, and Rolled!

The photos came out so well that the teachers had them printed and created a whole bulletin board to help the students remember what to do.

In the afternoon, the students had Spanish class where we reviewed “Los Numeros” (numbers) then introduced unit two – LOS COLORES! (colors)  We will be studying and practicing our colors for the next few weeks.  The students learned a new song to help them remember the different words for each color.

(To the tune of Pop! Goes the Weasel)

Red is Rojo. Green is Verde.
Blue is called Azul.
Yellow is Amarillo.
These are our colors.

Purple is Morado.
Orange is Naranja.
Learning them is lots of fun.
These are our colors.

On Thursday, the teachers set out to explain what the students should expect if they are ever in a smoke or fire filled room.  Sensing that the students would fear the firefighter approaching them on his knees in the midst of a fire, the teachers decided to show the students the first minute and a half of this informative clip which realistically depicts the scene.  The students who were a part of the PPA summer camp had an opportunity to face that fear and actually shake hands with a firefighter crawling towards them during a firehouse field trip.

The teachers wanted to make sure all of the students, especially those who were not part of the summer camp, had an opportunity to experience that moment.  Please watch the first minute and twenty seconds of this clip with your child(ren) to ensure that they know to stay low and go towards the firefighters.  If time permits, the rest of the clip has some very useful information for parents regarding fire safety and fire prevention (particularly an evacuation plan).

To reinforce what to do during a fire, the teachers created a craft where the students had to color in a picture of a child and a picture of a firefighter in uniform and then position them in a crawling position on the floor.  The students then used gray paint and sponges to create smoke clouds at the top of the black paper.  In the middle of the poster read:
If my room fills with smoke,
I’ll go to the floor so I won’t choke.
Safe on the floor is where I’ll be,
So the firefighter will find me!

In the afternoon, the students reviewed the color song during Spanish class and then split up into small groups and played a fun game of I Spy! to practice saying and searching for the colors.

Friday was PPA Picture Day!  All of the students came in dressed impeccably and ready to be photographed.  The prints will be available for viewing inside the school in a few short weeks.

During the afternoon, the students learned all about the importance of having a family evacuation plan in the event of an emergency.  The students headed out for the weekend with some homework!

In the event of an Emergency,

PPA Homework Assignment

1.       Test all fire/smoke alarms in your residence to make sure they are working.

2.       Set off the smoke alarms to familiarize your child with the sound and show them all exits around the residence.
(preferably two exits from each room)

3.        Practice crawling on the floor as you would need to in the event of a fire.

4.       Conduct a whole-family discussion to formulate an evacuation plan with a specific meeting place in a safe location outside of the residence.

5.       Stay safe and have a great weekend!

We hope all of our students and parents will read this and complete this assignment this weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully after a week full of fire safety – fire free on F week!