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“Letter G is for all things Gooey and Gummy Week” is next!

Hello all,

Thanksgiving Week, while short, was a complete success! The students spent the two and a half school days learning about the events that led up to the first Thanksgiving while creating beautiful Thanksgiving-inspired crafts! Read on below to learn about all that took place throughout this short but fun week!

After reading a story about the first Thanksgiving, the students transformed a regular paper bag into a realistic looking turkey puppet!  See how they assembled it below!



In the afternoon on Monday (and Tuesday), the students had to brainstorm what they were most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.  Each student took a turn coming over to the teachers to share what he/she was thankful for.  Their words were recorded on a paper and then the students illustrated the page.  Each illustration was put together to create, Our Class Thanksgiving Book.  Be sure to take a peek at it the next time you visit PPA!



On Tuesday, the students crafted another turkey.  Take a look below to see the wacky way they made their turkeys!



On Wednesday, the students came to school for a half-day but it surely did not affect the level of learning and fun that took place!  After a brief technology presentation all about the story of Thanksgiving, the students had an  opportunity to transform into Pilgrims and Native Americans themselves.   The most identifiable feature of a Pilgrim and a Native American would  probably be their head-wear.  The students used a black hat with a shiny buckle to  transform into a Pilgrim and a brown construction paper “leather”  headdress with feathers to transform into a Native American.  The  projects were not only fun but adorable!


Well, that is all for Thanksgiving Week.  As always, everyone at Park Prep Academy thanks you for reading and hopes you have a wonderful, safe, and yummy Thanksgiving weekend!  See you next week!



 Thursday and Friday, November 22nd and 23rd

School Closed for Thanksgiving Recess

Tuition for December is due by Thursday/Friday of next week.

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