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Letter “G” is for Games Week

Letter G week was Great!  All week long, the students brought in letter G shares and learned about different types of games. The students brought in such a wonderful assortment of letter G shares including: goggles, giraffes, goats, and of course, various games!  Some of the games even turned into some of the morning stations and helped inspire a few of the crafts later on in the week.

On Monday, the students worked on their letter G tracing and letter G identification activity sheets. The students had to trace/write the letter G, distinguish the letter G against other letter sounds, and color the letter G pictures. It was hard work but definitely fun!  In the afternoon, the students created a list of words starting with the letter G. Some of the highlights included: ghosts, girls, googly eyes, and giggle!  The students were slightly confused when giraffe made the list because it sounded like a “j” sound.  Things only got more confusing when Gem made the list.  The teachers explained that some letter sounds change when they’re next to other letters.  The students seemed to accept that answer and happily continued listing G words.

On Tuesday, the students continued to work on their letter G tracing and identification activity sheets. During the afternoon, the students went around the classroom locating the letter G wherever they could.  Books like The Greedy Dog and Grover’s Guessing Game made for some good letter G hunting!  After hunting, the students had Spanish class where they reviewed the colors by singing the color song (see previous posting) and using the Magic Learning Hand pointer.

In the game, the students had to form a circle and listen for the color that was said.  Miss Saily stated, “If you are wearing “rojo” please go to the middle of the circle”.  The game was so much fun and the students enjoyed finding the colors on their clothes but also helping their friends notice the colors on their clothes!  It was so exciting to hear, “Michael, you have Azul on your sleeve!  Go to the middle!”

On Wednesday, the teachers introduced the students to a very popular game – Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  In honor of letter G week, the teachers modified the game a bit to Pin the Tail on the Goat!  Much to the surprise of the teachers, most of the students had never played this game before and had little idea what it was about.  The teachers decided to show the students by playing a round of their own.  The students observed as Miss Rima and Miss Saily were blindfolded, spun around, and attempted to place the tail in the right place.  The students giggled as the teachers placed the tail on the goat, nowhere near his backside!

After seeing the game, the students could hardly wait to try it out on their own.  First, they had to decorate their goat board by tracing their G and coloring in the goat.

Once the goat was colored in, the students were handed their goat tail then blindfolded and spun around. Some students opted to not be blindfolded while they stuck on their tails. Blindfolded or not, the students all had a great laugh when they got to see where their tail was placed!

The Pin the Tail fun continued after the students finished playing!  Each student went home with a little baggie stapled onto their paper containing a Daddy tail and a Mommy tail.  From what we heard on Thursday, our students and their families were playing Pin the Tail on the Goat all night long!

On Wednesday afternoon, the teachers decided to play the Spanish Color game again. Unfortunately for two students, the color game proved to be a bit boring for them as they were wearing a brown shirt and pink pants and a grey shirt and black pants – the four colors that we hadn’t learned yet!  The teachers took this time to introduce the words for these colors and the fun was restored!  (gray- gris, pink – rosado, black- negro, and brown – carmelito)

On Thursday, the students got to create and play their own matching/memory game!  Using different color crayons and paper, the students glued the shape onto their card to complete the match.

The older students had to color in their shapes for their memory set. Once the sets were complete, the students and teachers played a quick game of matching memory and then the students headed off to their morning work stations.

In the afternoon, the students played a very fun game – Hot Potato or as we called it, “Got Gotato!”  The students started out pretty composed while passing the potato.

But as the song began to speed up, the anticipation for the end of the hot potato song was so exciting that the students could hardly contain themselves as the potato approached!  Nevermind, the excitement when the song ended!

Friday was all about Gross Motor Games!  The students were separated into small groups and rotated around their morning Game stations.  The four game stations included:  the Ball Toss/Catch station, the Balloon Pass station, a Simon Says station, and of course, a Hot Potato station! After all of the game playing, the teachers decided that a dance party was in order!  Here is some of the dance party action!

Needless to say, Gross Motor Game Day (and the rest of Letter G week) was a hit!

As always, have a safe and wonderful weekend.