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“Letter K is for Kindness Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter K is for Kindness Week” was Kingly, Kooky, Knowledgeable and of course, Kind!   Throughout the entire “Letter K is for Kindness Week”, the students brought in some great letter K shares!  Whether they sent in sets of keys, kaleidoscopes, kazoos, ketchup, or Kangaroos, one thing was for sure – everything had to do with K!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place.

The students spent both Monday and Tuesday morning working one on one with the teachers to complete their Letter K identification/fine motor activity sheets.  The teachers were so impressed with how easily the new students recognized the letter K and also how well the older students remembered all things “K” during their morning work!  In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students created the eleventh letter list of the year!  Naturally, the letter K list was full of Koala-ty answers!  🙂  As a whole group, the students took turns brainstorming and contributing words that begin with the letter K and also hunted around the classroom for letter K items!



Do you see any Letter K Shares?

Answer:  Kindergarten book, letter K, Kazoo, Ketchup, and Kangaroo!

The day began on Wednesday with a discussion of the theme of the week – Kindness.  The teachers began by asking the question, “What does it mean to be Kind?”  The students took turns contributing their answers to the question.  It was determined that KINDNESS is all about being nice, helping others and treating people the way you would like them to treat you.  When asked for examples of kindness, the students certainly did not have a shortage of ideas and tips!  For their morning work on both Wednesday and Thursday, the students created some beautiful artwork and made sure to incorporate the kindness theme as well.  On Wednesday, the PPA students sprinkled kindness on some delicious ice cream cones.  Take a look below at some of the ways they sprinkle kindness each day!



On Thursday, the PPA students used assorted craft materials to create a patch in a classroom kindness quilt!  They sure are Kind Kids! 🙂  The quilt was assembled and displayed on a classroom bulletin board.  Be sure to take a peek on your next visit to PPA!



During the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, the students participated in music class as well as Spanish class where they continued reviewing their Los Colores (Colors) vocabulary.  Here is the song they practiced to help remember their new vocabulary.


El Canción de los Colores – The Colors Song

(sung to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

Red is rojo.  Green is verde.

Blue is called azul.

Yellow is amarillo.

These are our colors!

Purple is morado.

Orange is naranja.

Learning them is lots of fun!

These are our colors!


On Friday, the students learned that they would not have a morning art project to make but rather a morning work station to work in!  With a little help from some classroom puppets, the students took turns putting on and participating in partner puppet productions demonstrating various forms of kindness!  They did such a fantastic job directing and starring in the shows!  Take a peek below to see one right now!



Friday afternoon wrapped up with a technology presentation all about KINDNESS and the letter K!  The teachers introduced the students to a concept called – COLOR YOUR WORLD WITH KINDNESS.  The following short clip proved very effective for fostering discussion of how acts of kindness make the world a better place.  Get inspired below!



Of course, those KooKy StoryBots made an appearance as well!



Well, that is all for “Letter K is for Kindness Week” but please Keep the Kindness going always! 🙂  We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog entry.  As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!



School Closed Monday, 1/15

Observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Theme for Next Week: