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“Letter O is for Octopus” Week is Next!

Hello all,

“Letter N is for Noodles” Week was Neat, Nice, Nifty and “g-Narly”.  Read on below to learn about all the fun and learning that took place!

Monday began with the students’ shares.  Some of the highlights include Necklaces, Nests, Noodles, Nets, Nutcrackers, Necktie and a map of New Jersey!  There were several shares that came in having to do with the Superbowl 46 Champions – the New York Giants!  Such great shares came in during N week!



On Monday and Tuesday, the students worked on their letter N tracing and identification activity sheets. Some of the N words included: noodles, nests, nurses, noses, and more!  Much to the surprise of the teachers, the students had quite an extensive vocabulary for noodles!  Spaghetti, pasta, macaroni, and ziti were just a few of the words students used to  describe the pictures of noodles.  After a little reminder as to what the letter of the week was, the students quickly shifted their answer to  the umbrella term, noodle!  In the afternoon, the students used their noggins to create this N List.




It was time to get artsy on Wednesday!  The students learned that they would be making Noodle Necklaces but not just Normal Noodle Necklaces – these Noodle Necklaces would be fancy!  In pairs, the students took turns painting a handful of noodles a particular color.



Once the noodles were painted, the teachers spread them out on a foil sheet so they would dry quickly.



By the time the afternoon rolled around, the noodles were dry and ready to be strung into a necklace!  The students selected twelve noodles of any color and strung them one by one onto their string!



Here is how the completed necklace looked!



The noodle art continued on Thursday as the students created their Noodle Names!  The students filled in the letters of their name by gluing all sorts of assorted noodles including – ziti (wide), penne (skinny), tri-color fiori (flowers) , and rotelle (wheels).



The students did an AMAZING job on this project!  Here is how the final projects turned out!



During the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday, the students participated in Spanish class where they completed the unit – Mi Cuerpo (My Body).   Watch below to see the students in action!


Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

On Friday, the students were all about numbers – Noodle Numbers!  Again using noodles, the students practiced tracing/writing numbers along with counting!



The students filled each box on their page with the correct Number of Noodles Needed! 🙂



The younger students worked with numbers 0-5 while the older students worked with the higher numbers 6-10 and even added their own mystery number!  Great job!



Well, that is all for Letter N Week. We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog entry. As always, thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!




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