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“Letter O is for Opposite Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter O is for Opposites Week” was certainly one of the most outstanding weeks of the 2016-2017 school year yet! The students entered school each day with an outrageous amount of Letter O shares! Everything from Oranges to Orangutans, Octopus to Owls, and of course, all things Opposites were sent in and shared!  Well, “Letter O is for Opposites Week” has come and gone.  Be sure to read on below to discover the learning that took place and fun that was had throughout the week!

On both Monday and Tuesday, the students worked one on one with a teacher to complete their letter O tracing and identification morning work activities. Some of the O words included: Ostriches, Outer Space, Ovals, Ocean and more!  The students really did an Outstanding job!  In the afternoon(s), the students created the following Letter O Word List and of course, went hunting for the letter O around PPA!  The students had some fun getting silly with the Letter O as they created their lists but also BECAME O’s!  Take a look below!


Letter O


The students returned to school on Wednesday and dove right in to the theme of the week – Opposites!  In morning activity stations, the students matched various opposites together at the Opposite puzzle game.  Some opposite pictures proved tougher to identify than others; nonetheless, the students did a wonderful job!  For morning work on Wednesday, the students created an “Opposite Painting”.  One side of the paper was painted NEATLY and the other… well, the other was quite MESSY!  🙂  The students had a blast creating their Neat/Messy Opposite paintings!


opp painting


It was as if Mother Nature knew it was opposite week at PPA when she graced us with 60+ degree weather on Wednesday and then a MAJOR snowstorm on Thursday!  As a result, school was closed on Thursday – what a bizarre weather week it was!  The Opposite fun continued on Friday as the students learned they would be “Eating Opposites” during morning work!  Working in small groups, the students tasted various food opposites including: Sweet Grapes/Sour Limes, Crunchy Apples/Mushy Apple Sauce and Cold Ice Cream/Hot Cocoa!  It was quite clear which opposite pairing was the favorite for the students (cold ice cream/hot cocoa).  The teachers clear favorite was the sour lime … photographs! 🙂  Be sure to view a few highlight shots below!


eating opps


After music and Spanish class on Friday, the students participated in a technology presentation all about the letter O and Opposites!  They loved playing the “Name that Opposite” game and of course, seeing what those wacky Storybots were up to!  Take a peek below! 🙂



Well, that is all for “Letter O is for Opposite Week”.  As always, thank you for reading and we will see you next week!



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