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“Letter Q is for Questions Week” is Next!

Ahoy Thar,

Letter P is for Pirates, Princesses, Princes, and Pajamas Week was Phenomenal, Playful, Pleasant, Perfect and Priceless!  Read on below to learn about all the fun and learning that took place!

After spending Presidents’ Day at home on Monday, the students returned to school on Tuesday in their finest Letter P attire!  Whether dressed as a pirate, princess, prince, or police officer, the students were the picture of perfection!  Here are some of the highlights from Tuesday’s outfits!



Despite having such a silly theme for the week, the students did not let it interfere with their hard work!  They worked diligently on their Letter P identification morning work on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  During the afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday, the students created their letter P word list.  This list was quite easy to come up with – particularly because there were so many living and breathing letter P words walking and talking around the room!  Below please find Wednesday’s list along with some of the photographic highlights from Wednesday!





Because P week was a short week, Thursday marked the first craft day of the week!  It also was Pajama Day!  Take a look below for some of the PJ highlights!



For their morning work, the students created something that every prince and princess needs – a wand or a scepter!  The students began by coloring in the top part of their wands/scepters. 



After the tops were cut out, the students selected some ribbon and a handle for their wand/scepter.  Once the pieces had been glued altogether, some decorative jewels were added!



It is clear to see from the look on this princess’s face that the wands/scepters were a hit!



On Thursday afternoon, the students participated in Spanish class where they reviewed their La Ropa (Clothing) vocabulary.  They were also visited by a PPA graduate and big sister of a PPA student!  The PPA alum, dressed in her finest princess attire, returned from the fun and far off world of Kindergarten to treat the students to a special reading of Eric Carle’s classic story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar



What a great reader she has become!  Thank you to this Kindergarten princess for coming in to spend the day with us!  🙂 



Friday was a very exciting day at PPA!  Not only was it another pajama day, it was also a Pizza Party lunch!  The students’ excitement only increased when they learned that they would be creating their very own Pretty Painting!



Here are some of the highlights from Friday’s Pajama Day!



Finally, in what likely felt like YEARS for the students, the pizza delivery arrived!  Once the students had all found their seats, the pizza was distributed.  From the look of this photo, do you think the students enjoyed eating the pizza for lunch?



Well, that is all for letter P Week.  Be sure to scroll to the end of this blog entry for ALL of the P week photos!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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Letter and Theme for Next Week:


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