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“Letter R is for Rabbits Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter R is for Rabbit Week” was Radiant, Robust, Resounding, and Really, Really Radical! Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students returned from the weekend and immediately began filling the share box with what seemed like every letter R share under the sun! Race cars, Rocketships, recyclable items, Robots, Rescue Vehicles, Rats, Radishes and of course, a lot of Rabbits were brought in and shared during morning meeting.  After morning meeting wrapped up on Monday and Tuesday, the students worked one on one with their teachers to complete their letter R tracing/writing activities in between working in their morning activity stations.  Later in the afternoon, the students created their Letter R word list and also hunted around the room for the Letter R.  Take a look below to see the list they came up on Tuesday.


letter r

Can you name these letter R shares?

Answer:  Robots, Rabbit, Rapunzel, Raccoon, Ring, Rocks, Rubber bands, Red, Rhino


Wednesday began the art exploration of the theme of the week – Rabbits!  First up was a really radical rabbit art project!  The students spent the morning completing, assembling and creating the cutest little rabbits you could ever see!  After completing the rabbit, the students headed back to their morning stations for some more letter R week fun!




During both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the students participated in Spanish class where they began a new unit – Mi Cuerpo (my body).  Some of the new vocabulary is listed below!

Mi Cuerpo (My Body)

Head – Cabeza

Arms – Brazos

Hands – Manos

Legs – Piernas

Feet – Pies


On Thursday, the students spent the morning discussing rabbits and where rabbits can be found.  The word “habitat” was introduced to the students.  The teachers explained that a habitat was a fancy, science way of saying, “the place where a particular animal, plant, or thing lives”.  To further explore this idea of a habitat, the teachers asked the students about some other animals.  For instance, “What is the habitat of a fish?”  That’s right!  The habitat of a fish is in oceans, rivers – any body of water!  The teachers explained the habitats are not the exact location of an animal or plant but rather the entire area where it may be found.

After learning about what the word habitat meant, the students were asked about rabbits – What is a rabbit’s habitat?  Do we see rabbits in Jersey City/Hoboken?  The students giggled and said, “Noooooo!”  The teachers asked them where rabbits can be found.  Hands flew into the air and one student informed her classmates of rabbits at Nana and Pop-Pop’s house in Connecticut.  The teachers asked the students to describe what the area around Nana and Pop-Pop’s house looks like.  The student noted that there was a lot of trees and grass and a really fun swing-set!  🙂  Through some more discussion, the students and teachers were able to identify a rabbit’s habitat as meadows, grasslands, forests, and even sometimes deserts!

For their morning work on Thursday, the students created their own artistic interpretation of a rabbit’s habitat and even added some adorable rabbit Peeps to complete the project.  To avoid any confusion, the students were given a Peep of their own to enjoy at snack time.  What a cute and delicious craft!




On Friday, the teachers had an elaborate rabbit project planned but the students had something else in mind!  One by one, the students came over to their morning work to begin their art activity but then the strangest thing happened – the students transformed into rabbits before the teachers’ very eyes!  It was simply magical!  Well, the students just made the cutest rabbits the teachers had ever seen so they decided to turn Park Prep Academy into a school for Rabbits!  What a wacky and fun day!




During the afternoon on Friday, the teachers and the students, we mean, rabbits participated in a technology presentation all about the letter R and Rabbits!  Here was one of their favorite songs!



Well, that’s all for Letter R week.  As always, we hope you enjoyed Reading this week’s post.  See you next week!



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