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“Letter R is for Rainbow Week” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter Q is for Question Week” was Quite amazing!  Compared to Letter P  week, Letter Q’s share box was definitely not that full.  The letter Q share box contained such Q items as quails, Q-Tips, “quicksand”, and even a queen!  Speaking of queen, the most famous race car of all – Lightning McQueen – made his way into the share box this week!

Throughout the mornings in the beginning of the week, the students worked on their letter Q identification activities.  The older students worked diligently while some of the younger students worked quickly.  Either way, the students did a great job.  The hard work continued into the afternoons where the students created a surprisingly long letter Q list.  Also in the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students brainstormed a list of questions that they wanted to “investigate” throughout “Letter Q is for Questions Week”.  The Monday students voted and picked one question from the question list to investigate on Wednesday.  The Tuesday students picked one question from their question list to investigate on Thursday.  Keep reading through the entry to learn what questions they asked and explored each day this week!

On Wednesday morning, the question on everyone’s mind was…

Where do balloons go when they float away?

After morning meeting, the students began thinking about the question by making a list of possible ideas as to what happens to balloons.



What great possibilities the students brainstormed!  While pondering the question throughout the morning, the students were called over to the art table to create their very own painted balloons!  The balloons were so colorful and beautiful, it was decided that the classroom bulletin board was the perfect place for them!  Take a look at the new balloon-themed bulletin board!



An investigation into the question, “Where do balloons go?” yielded many different hypotheses (or guesses).  One thing was for sure, balloons go up (FAR UP) into the sky but to WHERE?  It seemed that everyone had a different idea as to what happened to balloons!  Did they tour the world?  Did they go into outer space?  With so many possible ideas out there, the students decided that the best way to find out where balloons go would be to ask a balloon itself.  Unfortunately, balloons cannot talk.  Fortuntaely, the teachers came up with another idea that might help get to the bottom of this question!  Perhaps if the students placed a note on a balloon before releasing the balloon into the air, one day someone might find it and report where it was found!  Due to the rain on Wednesday, the students had to wait until Friday to release the balloon with a note.  Hopefully the students will get the answer to their question someday soon! 🙂



The questioning continued on Thursday as the students/questioners began their exploration of another great question…


How (and why) do birds build nests?


Once again, the students pondered the question by sharing what they knew about birds.  Through their exploration of the question, the students learned a very interesting fact.  Contrary to popular belief, birds do not actually live in nests.  Nests are primarily built to provide a safe home for a bird’s eggs before they hatch.  They are not built to be a home for the bird itself.   Birds build nests by gathering and arranging materials including grass, leaves, twigs, branches, really anything they can find!    To help remember this fact, the students created the following baby bird art project!



After Spanish class on Thursday afternoon, the students were visited by a PPA Mommy!  The mommy featured below came in to read a story to the students and afterwards ask some comprehension questions!  The students did such a great job listening; they answered every questions perfectly – with ease!  A special PPA Thank You to this mommy (and her son) for spending the afternoon with us!



Friday was loaded with Questions as the Queen of conversation, Miss Elizabeth, led small groups in an oral language station!  In between their usual stations, the students rotated over to the new oral language station!



Watch the video below to see the students answer one of the questions they discussed!


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The students clearly had a great time exploring and investigating these questions during “Letter Q is for Questions Week”.  It may be the end of Letter Q week but that does not mean the questions have to stop!  As we get ready for Letter R week,  Remember to keep asking questions and keep learning!  Enjoy the weekend!




Parent-Teacher Conference will take place next month!

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