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“Letter R is for Rhyming Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter R is for Rhyming Week” was GREAT!

In fact, it was almost FATE,

that the students EXPLORED,

and were certainly not BORED,

all things that RHYME

and had a wonderful TIME!

Read on BELOW

so you will KNOW

what they were up to these past few DAYS

Oh, what a child can learn when (he/she) PLAYS!

-Written by: Miss Jocelyn

The students returned from the weekend and immediately began filling the share box with what seemed like every letter R share under the sun! Race cars, Rocket ships, recyclable items, Rabbits, Rescue Vehicles, Rats, Robots and of course, a lot of Rhyming Books/Items were brought in and shared during morning meeting. After morning meeting wrapped up on Monday and Tuesday, the students worked one on one with their teachers to complete their letter R tracing/writing activities in between working in their morning activity stations. Later in the afternoon, the students created their Letter R word list and also hunted around the room for the Letter R. Take a look below to see the list they came up on Tuesday.



Can you name these letter R shares?

Answer: Robots, Rabbit, Rapunzel, Raccoon, Ring, Rocks, Rubber bands, Red, Rhino


Throughout the week, the students created art inspired by Raffi’s classic preschool song, “Down By The Bay”.  They loved filling in the gaps in the song with their own silly rhyming combinations!  Be sure to listen in to the song by clicking below!



Here are just a few of the projects they created to practice rhyming this past week!




On Friday, the students celebrated one of the best rhymers of all time – Dr. Seuss!  In honor of his birthday on March 2nd, the students enjoyed readings of many of his classic stories including:  The Cat In The Hat, Fox in Sox, Green Eggs and Ham and more!  During the afternoon, the teachers and the students participated in a technology presentation all about the letter R/Rhyming and Dr. Seuss! Here was one of their favorite songs to sing!



Well, that’s all for “Letter R is for Rhyming Week”. As always, we hope you enjoyed Reading this week’s post. See you next week!