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“Letter T is for Tadpole” Week is Next!

Hello all,

Letter S is for Solar System Week was SenSational, Stupendous, Silly, Scientific, Super, Superb, and Special!  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place.

As would be expected on letter S week, the Sharebox was Stuffed!  The students filled the Sharebox to the brim with items such as: shoes, socks, skunks, space stuff, spaceships, StarWars “guys”, Scooby Doo, stars, snakes, sharks and more!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students worked on their letter S tracing/writing identification activities during morning work time and stations.  Later in the day the created their letter S word lists.  Here is Monday’s list – there are So many words that Start with S!

Letter S week was full of Surprise Guests!  Tuesday marked the first Surprise guest of the week – a Scientific Mommy with a Special Science project for the Students.  The mommy pictured below is the mother of two students at Park Prep.  Originally from Germany, the family now lives in Jersey City but has a grandma who likes to send over special scientific activities like the one the students saw on Tuesday – Urzeit Krebse, which translates to Ancient Crab.  Similar to Sea Monkeys, the students had to sprinkle the crab eggs into the salt water and feed them some seaweed each day.  The crabs were set aside to “grow” in peace but the students will continue to observe them over time to see how they change.  Here are some of the photographs from this Mommy’s visit to PPA.

On Wednesday the students crafted their very own solar system!  In order to create this incredible project,  the students first sprayed a spray bottle filled with white paint and water onto their black paper.

What in the solar system do you think the students were creating with the spray bottle?  If you said, “Stars” then you are correct!

Next, it was off to the tables to add the largest feature of our solar system- Do you know what that is?  If you said, “Sun” then you are correct!  After the sun was added, the students used assorted paints and shape stampers to create various planets in the solar system!  Look below to see the student turn a play-food cupcake into a red planet – perhaps Mars!

Finally, the students used mini stampers to create the space rocks that float all throughout space.  Do you know what these are called?  If you said, “Meteoroids” then you are correct!

Here is the completed project!  What a Superb Solar System we live in!

Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the students played “I Spy” in Spanish class to help review their La Ropa (clothing) vocabulary but also brush up on some of their older vocabulary. Take a look at the picture below then follow the clue to figure out who the teachers were Spying!

“I spy someone wearing zapatos de color rosa.”

(pink shoes – the girl on the left)

Thursday morning began with another Spacey activity!  The students were creating their own Space Scene using foam Shapes!  First, they created the dusty space backdrop using chalk.

Some foam shapes were added to create the Soaring Spacecraft.

Finally, the Shimmering Stars were added!

Here is the final result – A Super Space Scene!

On Thursday afternoon, Park Prep was paid a visit by the one and only Mr. Shamrock!  In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Mr. Shamrock traveled all the way from his homeland of Ireland to spend the afternoon teaching the Park Prep students all about the holiday and his country.  Here are some photographs from Mr. Shamrock’s visit!

Just like at the real St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, the Park Prep Academy students put on their own parade!

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Before heading home for the day, the students received a yummy Shamrock cookie!  How Scrumptious!

Friday was a technology filled day at Park Prep Academy!  The students spent the morning transforming into aliens!  Thanks to the computer program, PhotoBooth, the students posed for pictures using a webcam!  Now, these were not ordinary pictures – they were Space-ling Photos!  See for yourself below.







What wacky photos!  The students picked out a color spacecraft to ride in and here is how the final product turned out!

Later in the day, the students showed their aliens to their classmates and they were added to a bulletin board!  Here it is!

Well, that is all for letter S is for Solar System Week!  A special Park Prep Academy thank you to all of the wonderful parents that volunteered their time to come in and work with the students this week!  It is because of parents like you that the PPA students are the best around!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful, fun, and safe weekend!


Click here to view all of the students in their ALIEN TRANSFORMATION  photographs!


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