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Hello all,

“Letter T is for Teeth Week” was Terrific, Tremendous, and ToTally Top-noTch!  The school week kicked off with a rather full share box.  Some of the “share highlights” from Letter T week included:  Tons of T-Rexes, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Turtles, Tarantulas, Tigger, Tigers, Trains, and Thomas!  The letter T activities continued during the morning on Monday and Tuesday as the students worked on their letter T tracing/writing identification activity pages.  During the afternoon, the students brainstormed as many letter T words as they could come up with.  Here is the list from Tuesday.



Also on Tuesday, the students were visited by a PPA Mommy volunteer who came in to read the story, Otis and the Tornado, to the class!  What a great afternoon it was!  Thank you to this PPA student for sharing his Mommy with us!



On Wednesday, the students began their art exploration of the letter T theme of the week – Teeth!  In pairs, the students were called over to the morning work table to get started!  Upon their arrival, the students were asked, “What do we have to do in order to take care of our teeth?”  Answers included: eat healthy food, drink lots of water and milk, and of course, brush them!  Things became quite silly when Miss Jocelyn asked if we use a brush like the one we use when combing our hair?  The students giggled as they reminded Miss Jocelyn that the type of brush we use to keep our teeth clean is called a toothbrush (not a hairbrush or a comb)!  The teachers then explained that brushing our teeth helps get rid of the germs and food that are left (and sometimes) hiding in our mouth!  The students were fascinated to learn that left over food and germs that sit on their teeth too long can make their teeth weaker and even change the color of teeth from white to an icky yellow or brown.  The students vowed to always remember to brush their teeth – at least twice a day – to make sure their teeth remain pearly white and super strong!  In fact, the students spent the morning “paint” brushing their teeth to create the following Happy Tooth art project!



During the afternoon on Wednesday (and Thursday), the students participated in a discussion/presentation ALL ABOUT TEETH which was led by Miss Justine.  During the presentation, Miss Justine introduced the students to new friend – Deeno the Dinosaur!  Now, Deeno is not just a regular dinosaur, Deeno has a full set of teeth – human teeth!  Just like human teeth, Deeno’s teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day!  Unfortunately for Deeno, his arms are tiny dinosaur arms and they are just too small!  He can barely get a toothbrush up to his mouth to brush!  Miraculously, Deeno came to visit PPA on a week that the students were learning all about taking care of their own teeth!  The students were more than ready to help Deeno brush his teeth!  The students formed a line and took turns brushing the front, side, other side, and back of all of Deeno’s teeth!  By the end of the day, Deeno had some particularly pearly whites – thanks to the PPA children of course!  The students also viewed and discussed dental X-Rays (compliments of Miss Elizabeth’s mouth and Dr. Greenwald’s X-Ray viewing machine).



After the presentation on Wednesday, the students were visited by another PPA Mommy reader!  The Mommy photographed below is not only the Mommy of one but TWO PPA students!  She read the story, How Full Is Your Bucket?, to the class.  What a special day!  Thank you for spending the afternoon with us!



Things got really silly on Thursday as the Toothy art continued and the students created over sized, toothy smile masks using white beans!  Take a look below to see how WaCkY they turned out!



Friday morning began with a discussion about teeth – not human teeth – animal teeth!  The students brainstormed a list of all the animals they could think of that had teeth!  After the list was created, the students sorted the animals into categories – big teeth or little teeth.  A third classifying category of sharp (or dangerous) teeth.  The students quickly learned that most animals fit in the dangerous category – particularly the WiLd animals!  (The topic of pet safety was also touched on – just as a reminder!)  For their morning work, the students created the following animalistic tooth brushing art project to help remember that it is always important to brush your teeth twice a day!



In the afternoon on Friday, the students participated in a technology presentation all about oral health and hygiene!  They particularly loved learning about what happens at the dentist office!   The students learned about why it is important to brush their teeth as well as some fun songs all about brushing shiny teeth!  Click below to groove to this toothy tune!  Enjoy!


Parents:  Click below for more information on how to properly brush your child’s teeth.


Well, that wraps up “Letter T is for Teeth Week”.  Thank you for reading and remember – ALWAYS BRUSH YOUR TEETH!  Have a wonderful weekend!




Parent-Teacher Conferences are taking place throughout next week!

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