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“Letter W is for Whiskers Week” is next!

Hello all!

Letter V week was Very, Very, Very exciting!  The students returned from  Spring Vacation and were more than ready to get right back into the  swing of things!  Adding to the excitement and anticipation of  returning to school was this week’s theme – Volcanoes!   Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and the learning that took place!

On Monday and Tuesday, the students began the morning with a lot of hugs  for both teachers and friends alike.  The students could hardly wait  to tell the details of their time off from school.  Once morning meeting  ended, and shares and stories had been told, the students moved onto  their morning work stations.  The students did a wonderful job of  deciphering the Letter V words on their morning work- Letter V  identification/writing activity sheets.  One word that proved quite  tricky was Van.  Thinking it was a car, many students were puzzled as to  what it could be.  Fortunately, Barbie has many cars – one of which is a  van which a student brought in as a share.  The student’s share surely  helped solve any confusion there was!

On Monday afternoon, the students created their letter V list and went  hunting for letter V’s around the classroom.  Both the V list and the V hunt were Very  successful!



On Tuesday afternoon, the students were paid a visit by a former PPA student and big sister of a current PPA student!  The guest reader pictured below certainly did a great job reading to the class!



Thank you for coming in and spending the afternoon with us!  You did a great job!



The art exploration of volcanoes began on Wednesday as the students sculpted clay to create their Very own Volcano!  Each student manipulated the clay in the perfect cone shape then used a finger to create a hole at the top – just like a real volcano!



Once the volcanoes had been molded, they were set  aside to dry.  During Wednesday (and Thursday) afternoon, the students participated in Spanish class where they continued learning the vocabulary for their new unit – Los Animales (animals).  Seeing that is was letter V week, one student asked about the translation for a particularly venomous animale – the Viper!  Like a volcano, the classroom erupted with laughter as Miss Beverly translated the word Viper into Spanish.  Viper in Spanish is pronounced “La Víbora” and a venomous viper is pronounced, “una víbora venenosa”.

On Thursday morning, the students crafted their second volcanic art project of the week.  This time the focus was on what happens during  a volcanic eruption!  Using some red paint and some pebbles collected from the park, the students created quite the volcanic scene!






Here is the final project!




After Spanish class on Thursday, the students were visited by a Surprise Guest!  The PPA Mommy featured below came in to read a very special story to the students.  Upon her arrival, the Mommy explained that she is a graphic artist and would be telling a story to the students without using an actual book!  The story was only illustrations!  The students listened in awe as the Mommy told the fabulous Letter V inspired story using visual cards that she had created!  Take a listen in yourself!

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A special PPA Thank You to the student and her Mommy for such a wonderful and creative afternoon!



Knowing that they would be painting their clay volcano from Wednesday, the students arrived at school on Friday ready to get to work!  They spent the morning painting and decorating their clay volcanoes a more volcano-appropriate grayish/brownish color.



In the afternoon, the students observed a teacher-constructed technology  presentation about volcanoes.  Using some of the following computer clips to help, the teachers explained what volcanoes are, where they are  found, and why they erupt.  Below is one of the clips with a groovy and informative volcano song.



After seeing some footage of actual lava pouring out of a volcano, the students were very  relieved to find out that there are no volcanoes in New Jersey!

Just as the teachers were finishing up Friday’s afternoon computer/technology volcano lesson, Miss Justine rushed over to alert the students that she heard some strange gurgling noises coming  from Mt. Parkprep-Vesuvius!  The students rushed over to check on the  volcano.  Eager with anticipation, the students awaited the volcanic  activity.  Watch below to see what happened!

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Wow!  Talk about an explosively exciting activity!  Mt. Parkprep-Vesuvius erupted at least ten times that afternoon! Fortunately, these eruptions were contained to inside the water table! 🙂


Well, that is all for Letter V is for Volcano Week!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a great and safe weekend!


FYI – For those of you interested in making your own volcano at home – here is what you will need.

Some Clay

Some Water

Some Baking Soda

Red Food Coloring

Some Vinegar

 1. Mold your clay volcano then place in a tray (to avoid lava overflow)

2. Mix together some water, some baking soda, and some red food coloring.

3. Pour mixture into the volcano.

4. Pour in the vinegar.



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