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“Letter W is for Wings Week” is next!

Hello all,

Letter V is for Veterinarian Week was ViVid, Vigorous, ViVacious, Virtuous, and Victorious!  The students were quite Victorious as well when it came to bringing in great letter V/Veterinary shares.  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place.

The letter V shares this week included Vests, Venomous snakes, Vehicles, Vans, Volcano books, Vegetables, Video games, and of course nearly every animal that Visits a Veterinary office!  Take a look at some of the V shares below, including a Very impressive Violinist!


v shares


Monday and Tuesday morning began with the usual letter of the week writing/tracing fine motor activities.  During the afternoons, the students began their letter V word list.  As you can see, the list was quite Voluminous!




The crafting began on Wednesday as the students made their first veterinary-inspired craft of the week – a stethoscope!  The students took turns decorating and assembling their stethoscope.  Of course, once completed, the stethoscopes proved to be very handy!




During the afternoon on Wednesday and Thursday, the students had Spanish class where they helped take care of the under the weather animales (animals) all while reviewing their Los Animales vocabulary!




Speaking of under the weather animales, the students had a Very important Veterinary task on Thursday – to help un gato herido (a hurt cat).   Los gatos (cats) below needed some extra TLC from the students.  Just like real veterinarians, the students assembled and bandaged their animal patients and saved the day!


vet cats


After a long week of discussing what Veterinarians do (and mispronouncing them as Veggie-itarians or Veg-it-ma-tarians) the students had finally figured it all out by Friday!  They were so fascinated to learn that there are various types of veterinarians!  The teacher explained that some vets help animals who are small house pets such as dogs and cats.  These vets are called small animal veterinarians.  Other vets work with large animals like cows,  pigs and horses.  Other vets include (but are not limited to):  wildlife vets that help animals in the wild, research vets who do not treat animal patients but rather study them, and exotic animal vets who treat less commonly found house pets/animals like lizards and snakes.

After learning about the various areas of veterinary study the students were asked which type of vet they would like to be and which animals they would like to help.  For their morning work, the students drew themselves as vets doctoring the animal of their choice!   Whether they chose domestic animals such as dogs and cats, exotic animals such as flamingos and snakes, or wild animals such as rhinos and elephants, the students’ answers were great!   Take a look below to see some of their hard work!


me vet


Throughout the week, the students surely learned that animal care and people care is not all that different!  Speaking of animal care, Friday afternoon wrapped up with a technology presentation all about Veterinarians!  Watch below to see a seven week old puppy get her first physical exam from at the Vet!  She is such a brave puppy – she doesn’t even whimper when she gets her shot!  This exam sure looks a lot like the exams that happen at the pediatrician’s office!

Now, that was a veterinary exam for a domestic animal but what about wild animals like zebras, elephants and giraffes? Do they see vets? The wild animals at the zoo sure do! Be sure to take a peek below to hear a Zoo Veterinarian explain what life is like working at the zoo! Enjoy!

Well, that is all for “Letter V is for Veterinarian” Week! As always, thank you for reading! See you next week for some more learning and fun!



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