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“Letter Y is for (all things) YELLOW Week” is next!

Hello all,

“I Love My Mommy Week” was full of hard work and loaded with love!  The students spent the entire week (and part of the one prior) crafting the most incredible gifts to present to the amazing Park Prep Academy Mommies at the 2011 Mother’s Day Celebration!  Read on below to learn about the students’ week while they prepared for the big day!

To help them get into the right mindset, the students created a list of many reasons why Mommies are as special as they are.  Here is what they came up with.

After discussing all of the special things about Mommies, the students learned what they would be making throughout the week.  First was the jewelry/keepsake box.  The students posed proudly for their photos which would be added later to the middle of the box lid.

The boxes and lids were pretty plain so the students worked diligently painting them to add a big splash of color (and glitter too). The underneath of the boxes were decorated first with a hand-print, a Mother’s Day message, and the student’s name. The boxes and lids were set aside to dry; they looked absolutely beautiful!

By the time students returned to school, the boxes had dried and the students’ photos had been added.  All that was missing was some extra special, sparkly pizazz!  The students glued large gemstones to the top lids – after all, these are jewelry boxes we are talking about!

With the jewelry boxes decorated, the students wondered what they would make next for the Mommies.  What better to put inside a jewelry box than some jewelry?  The students got right to work beading gorgeous handmade bracelets for their Mommies.  Bead by bead, the bracelets were strung, tied and set aside.

Once the bracelets had been completed, the students selected which color tissue paper should go inside the box for the bracelet to rest on.  The tissue paper was stuffed in and bracelets placed gently on top.  The lids were added and the boxes were put away until the celebration.

The final project for Mother’s Day was a great one!  The students would become not only the authors but also the illustrators of an “I Love My Mommy Because” Book.  The students took turns coming up and completing the sentence, “I LOVE MY MOMMY BECAUSE…”  Their words were recorded and illustrations were added.  Here are some of the pages that the students created.  Aren’t they incredible?

P.S.  Keenan is this student’s baby brother.

No matter what answer the students stated, they all seemed to share the sentiment of the following page.

Finally, all of the Mother’s Day projects were complete and it was time for the celebration!  The Mommies entered the school in droves and the party began!

First, the teachers greeted the Mommies and then the class book was read aloud.

From the smiles on the Mommies faces, it was clear that they loved the book!

Next, the students came to the center of the classroom and performed a beautiful rendition of a very special Happy Mother’s Day song that they had been practicing throughout the week.  Watch below to see the performance.

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After the performance, the gifts were distributed and the room erupted with cheer, laughter, kisses and hugs!  The Mommies put their brand new bracelets on and helped themselves and the students to some yummy treats before heading home for the weekend.

What a blast the 2011 Mother’s Day Celebration was!  The students and their Mommies sure do know how to have a good time!  Thank you to all of the Park Prep Mommies for all that you do everyday.  We hope you all have a wonderful day on Sunday.

Well, that is all for “I Love My Mommy Week”.  As always, thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!



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