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“Letter Y is for Yellow Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

“Letter Y is for (all things) YELLOW Week” was Yerrific, Yonderful, Yantastic, Youtstanding, and of course quite YELLOW!  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

Shares in hand, the students arrived at school on Monday morning ready to get started!  One student in particular was really in a YELLOW mood even before coming to school!  Take a look at his outfit below.  Do you know why he wore this outfit?  If not, keep reading below and you will find out why!




Monday and Tuesday mornings were spent completing Letter Y identification/writing/tracing activities throughout morning work and morning stations.  The students spent their afternoons learning just how tricky the letter Y really is.  Despite sounding like it should make the Letter W (“Wuh”) sound, the letter Y makes a sound that can often go undetected and in some cases like another letter – U!  To an adult, the word “you” clearly starts with the letter Y but it sounds pretty tricky when you hear the sentence – “You starts with Y”.  Things only got trickier when the student mentioned that they had an aunt whose name is Yvette (pronounced – E-VET).  A name like Yvette, which starts with Y but sounds like E, further proved how tricky the letter Y really is!

Even in the face of a tricky letter, the students were able to create a great list of Letter Y words.


y list


On Wednesday (and Thursday) the students had Spanish class where they learned about their new (and final) vocabulary unit – La Ropa. Of course, the students related things back to the YELLOW theme … or should we say, AMARILLO theme, by having the students locate all the AMARILLO in their clothing (la ropa)!   They also loved singing the La Canción de la Ropa (Clothing Song) below.


La Canción de la Ropa

(Sung to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”)

camisa – shirt,

pantalones – pants,

vestido – dress,

medias – socks,

zapatos – shoes,

gorro – cap,

these are the clothes that we wear!


Speaking of songs, the students crafted a project on Wednesday that was inspired by a very famous Beatles song.  The story goes that Paul McCartney, a member of the legendary Beatles, was lying in bed one night and decided to write a song comprised of short words so that children would be able to pick it up quickly and enjoy it – the result, YELLOW Submarine.  Here is the students’ artistic interpretation of the song.



Just for good measure, here is a clip of the hit song for your listening pleasure!


On Thursday, the students created the second YELLOW craft of the week.  A YELLOW bird called a Canary!  With some construction paper, paint, glitter, and glue, the students transformed paper plates into these beautiful little YELLOW Canaries.




By Friday, the students had discussed, created, crafted, sang, danced, and learned a lot  about so many YELLOW things!  One thing that the students had yet to discuss was one of the most sour YELLOW things around – a YELLOW Lemon!  Seeing that many of the students expressed their distaste for the sour YELLOW fruit, the teachers decided that eating it was not a good idea but what else can you do with a lemon?  The students brainstormed a list of all things that could be made using Lemons.  Of all the sweet treats listed, one stood out above the rest – Lemonade!

The students all agreed that Lemonade was the best way to enjoy the YELLOW fruit – but how do you get lemonade from a lemon?  Miss Justine decided that it would best to make lemonade by dropping a lemon into a pitcher of water.  The students laughed as Miss Justine, visibly confused, asked if it was lemonade yet.  Miss Jocelyn then came over and corrected Miss Justine by saying that in order to make lemonade you need lots of lemons!  She added five lemons to the pitcher and said it was ready to serve.  Things got extra silly when Miss Taryn came over and asked the lemons to give us lemonade!  Nothing worked – the lemons just stayed the same and did not turn into lemonade.  Fortunately, the students were there to correct Miss Justine, Miss Jocelyn and Miss Taryn, by saying that the lemonade is made by squeezing the lemon juice out of the lemons and adding water!

After washing their hands, the students came over to the tables to squeeze the juice out of the lemons.  All of the students’ squeezing yielded two cups of lemon juice.  The lemon juice was added to the pitcher along with six cups of cool water.  A bit of superfine sugar was poured and stirred into the pitcher and the lemonade was ready to be enjoyed!  Just as the teachers were about to pour the lemonade into cups, Miss Justine came out with ice pop molds and asked the students which they would prefer – lemonade ice pops or lemonade drinks.  Not much of a surprise, ice pops won out!


lemon pops


After rest time on Friday afternoon, the teachers checked on the ice pops in the freezer.  The students were delighted to learn that the ice-pops had frozen and they would be able to enjoy the “fruit” of their labor after all!  Clearly from the looks on their faces, the lemonade ice-pops were enjoyed by all!




Well, that is all for “Letter Y is for (all things) YELLOW Week”.  As always, thank you for reading and have a great and safe weekend.



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