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Hello all,

Letter X Week was eXcellent, eXhilarating, eXciting, and eXtremely eXtraordinary!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived to school on Monday and learned an eXtremely eXciting fact – Monday was Earth Day!  In order to commemorate the special day, the students worked together to create their very own little (and scrumptious) Earth!  Using teamwork, the students baked several batches of Rice Krispies Treats – some blue and some green. Why do you think the colors green and blue were chosen to create the yummy little Planet Earth?  The answer – to look like the Earth, of course!  After the batches were mixed, one scoop of the blue-colored batch was added to one scoop of the green colored batch.  After pulling each scoop apart into several pieces, the pieces were mixed together to create a little mini-Earth treat!  The treats were put aside to cool but they were greatly enjoyed during the afternoon!



Speaking of the afternoon, the students participated in a eXhilarating discussion and technology presentation all about the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, massive, and incredible planet Earth!  The students eyes widened as they traveled the world and saw some of the splendors!  They also discussed various ways that they could individually help keep the Earth clean and beautiful!  Here is the list of great ideas they came up with!




In attempt to keep things eXciting, the teachers miXed up the schedule a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday and began Letter X Week with another cooking activity as well as some art exploration of the Letter X!  On Tuesday, the students worked together to bake and shape their very own Letter X shaped pretzels from scratch!  By Thursday afternoon, the students’ X pretzels were fully baked and ready to be enjoyed!  Boy, were they eXcellent!  



Also on Tuesday (and Wednesday) afternoon, the students continued to review and expand their La Comida vocabulary!  The students were thrilled to learn that the Spanish word for pretzel is the same as the English word which made it one of the easier vocabulary words added to the list!  Here are some of the other words they learned!  


La Manzana – Apple

Las Uvas – Grapes

El Plátano – Banana

La Naranja – Orange

El Pretzel – Pretzel

Los Macarrones con Queso – Macaroni and Cheese


On Wednesday, the letter X eXploration continued as the students spent the morning creating eXciting X’s!  Using assorted craft materials including felt, beads, feathers, pipe-cleaners, pom-poms, and more, the students decorated their X’s beautifully!


The students returned to school on Thursday and Friday morning ready to get started on their letter X sounding/writing activities.  The fun continued in the afternoon as the students brainstormed all the  X words they could think of.  Not surprisingly, the X list was a tough one.  In order to help lengthen it, Miss Justine’s suggestion that the  students should “think of words where you hear the X sound inside” led  some really great words like the ones listed  below.



After hunting for X’s on Friday afternoon, the students returned to the classroom rugs for a PPA Mommy read aloud visit!  What an eXciting way to wrap up Letter X week!  As always, thank you for reading and have a great weekend!



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