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Letter “Y” is for Yoga Week

Yippee! Yay! Yahoo! Letter Y Week was such a blast! After a long week spent preparing surprises for the mommies, the students were in need of some stretching and relaxation. To get their tired little bodies back in shape, the students enjoyed daily yoga lessons! Continue reading to find out more about our yoga week and all the letter Y fun we had!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students completed their Letter Y tracing and identification activity sheets. The letter Y pictures proved to be rather tricky for some students. When presented with the picture of a yak, a few students exclaimed, “Bull!” or “Buffalo!” But the teachers quickly reminded them that it was letter Y week, not letter B week! Another puzzling image was that of the yolk. Many students stared at it for several seconds before saying, “Egg? But that doesn’t start with Y!” Once they were informed that the arrow on the sheet was actually pointing to the Yellow part in the middle of the egg called the Yolk, several of them remembered eating this part of the egg for breakfast!

After morning work on Monday and Tuesday, the students headed off to the park for some yoga in the sunshine! Led by Miss Justine, each child used their limbs to do poses such as the Warrior Pose and the Triangle Pose. Check out the video below to see a clip of our yoga class!

In the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday, the students enjoyed music class. They also made an extensive letter Y list! Read below to see all the Y words they came up with.

After making their list, the students got the chance to do some MORE yoga! The poses they did in the afternoon were those which involved utilizing the floor, such as the Downward Facing Dog and the Cobra. The students really impressed the teachers with their yoga abilities!

On Wednesday, the students came face to face with a big yellow YAK during morning work! The students had to help the Yak stay warm because it was a chilly day and he was lacking hair! To do this, each child used strips of Yarn to decorate the Yak. We had lots of fun making these hairy friends.

Check out the finished product! These Yaks were now ready to brave the cold and rainy day outside.

On Wednesday afternoon, the students had fun going on a letter Y hunt and practicing their yoga moves. The teachers threw in a couple more challenging poses just for fun, and everyone did a super job!

During morning work on Thursday, the students took turns creating their very own yoga poses! Each child had their picture taken while doing the new move. To make the poses official, the students then gave them names! Check out a few of the highlights.

Thursday afternoon was spent reviewing Los Animales in Spanish class by playing a game of “Adivina el Animal!” or “Guess the Animal!” during which the students got to draw pictures of los animales on the board and have their friends guess what they were–en Espanol of course! They also had time to show off the new PPA-style yoga poses they had created during morning work.

On Friday, the teachers decided that the students should make some Yart!  Yart is art in a Y way!  What better letter to put on the Yart paper than Y!  They certainly enjoyed getting wackY with the paint and the Yart turned out to be quite beautiful!

The students finished out a super week with a birthday party and a yoga poses review lesson on Friday afternoon.

Well, that’s all for Letter Y Week! As always, thank You for reading and we’ll see You next week!