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“Letter Y is for Yummy Week” is next!

Hello all,

Letter X week was, in a word, X-cellent!  Be sure to read below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students entered the classroom and  much to the surprise of the teachers, nearly ALL had xylophones in  hand!  The colorful instrument was clearly the most popular share of the  week.  It seemed like EVERYONE at Park Prep plays the xylophone when  they are not at school.  After the shares had been discussed, the  students got right to work on their letter writing/tracing activity  sheets.  By far the most silly picture of the activity was the picture  of the Pristella maxillaris, more commonly known as the X-Ray Fish!   Although the students enjoyed coloring in the cartoon X-Ray fish, it was  clear that they much preferred the opportunity to see a close-up of a real X-Ray Fish later on in the day.

The fun continued in the afternoons as the students brainstormed all the  X words they could think of.  Not surprisingly, the X list was a tough  one.  In order to help lengthen it, Miss Jocelyn’s suggestion that the  students should “think of words where you hear the X sound inside” led  to slightly mispronounced words like X-scalator and X-cape!  Eventually  the students came up with some really great words like the ones listed  below.



The students began their Letter X art exploration as they created the first X-Ray inspired craft of the week!  Moving a step away from traditional X-Rays, the students discussed a super silly idea – X-Ray vision!  When asked about the idea of X-Ray vision, the students remarked that it was the ability to see through things like walls!  Some of the older students remarked that some superheroes have this ability – most notably Superman!  For their morning work on Wednesday, the students all transformed into superkids as they created their very own pair of X-Ray vision glasses!



Here is how they turned out!



On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the students took part in a special animal X-Ray presentation.  With special thanks to Dr. Greenwald, the teachers were able to borrow an actual X-Ray viewing machine!  One by one, the teachers held up assorted X-Rays images to the X-Ray viewer.  Starting with human X-Rays and then moving on to animal X-Rays!  The students had a blast trying to “Guess the Animal X-Ray”.  Take a turn and see how you do guessing the animal in each X-Ray.  Good Luck!

Well, how did you do?

Animal X-Ray #1 -Frog

Animal X-Ray #2 – Veiled Chameleon

Animal X-Ray #3 – Marmoset (Monkey)

Nice work!  Now for a real tricky one!  Can you guess this animal?



Believe it or not, this is the X-Ray of a rabbit!  The students all seemed to think it was parrot!  Did you?

After the X-Ray presentation, the students had Spanish class where they wrapped up Los Animales vocabulary unit.  Next week, the students will begin their final unit of the school year – La familia (family!)  Also on Thursday, the students had an opportunity to create their own hand X-Ray.  First, the teachers painted each student’s hand white then the students stamped it onto black paper.



The students, while viewing a real hand X-Ray, glued some small noodles onto their hand X-ray to replicate bones.



Having discussed nearly everything about X-Rays, the students spent the morning on Friday completing assorted letter X puzzles, games, and activities while creating some eXcellent artwork at the art easel!  Take a look for yourself at this eXceptional piece of art!



Speaking of art, the students participated in an “X-Ray Art” technology presentation!  During the presentation, the students learned that despite having a very specific medical diagnostic purpose, X-Rays can also be used for other things including art!  Thanks to an email from a pair of PPA parents who are artists, the teachers learned about Nicky Veasey, a British photographer who takes X-Ray photographs of all sorts of things!  After viewing several amazing and interesting X-Ray photographs of objects such as teddy bears, plants, seashells, even a Boeing 777, the students were hooked!  The students were so excited to see these objects in such a new and interesting way!  The teachers explained that these types of photographs show some of the very best things about art – it can change how you see even the most regular things and it can come from anywhere!  Be sure to take a look at some of these images on the artists website (listed at the end of this entry).

Well, that is all for Letter X is X-Ray Week.  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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Click here to be directed to photographer Nick Veasey’s Website!