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Hello all,

“Letter X is for X Marks The Spot Week” was eXcellent, eXhilarating, eXciting, and eXtremely eXtraordinary!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the students entered the classroom and  much to the surprise of the teachers, nearly ALL had xylophones in hand!  The colorful instrument was clearly the most popular share of the  week.  It seemed like EVERYONE at Park Prep plays the xylophone when  they are not at school.  After the shares had been discussed, the  students got right to work on their letter writing/tracing activity  sheets.  By far the most silly picture of the activity was the picture  of the Pristella maxillaris, more commonly known as the X-Ray Fish!   The fun continued in the afternoons as the students brainstormed all the  X words they could think of.  Not surprisingly, the X list was a tough  one.  In order to help lengthen it, Miss Taryn’s suggestion that the  students should “think of words where you hear the X sound inside” led to slightly mispronounced words like X-scalator and X-cape!  Eventually  the students came up with some really great words like the ones listed  below.


Letter X MW List Shares


The students returned to school on Wednesday and learned an eXtremely eXciting fact – it was Earth Day!  The day began with a discussion all about what Earth Day is and why it is important to take care of the planet!  In order to commemorate the special day, the students worked together to create their very own little Earth!  Using teamwork, the students baked several batches of play-dough– some blue and some green. Why do you think the colors green and blue were chosen to create the little Planet Earth?  The answer – to look like the Earth, of course!  After the batches were mixed, the students scooped the blue-colored batch and rolled into a ball.  The teachers explained that the Earth is nearly 75% water and only a little bit of land.  For this reason, the students scooped a much smaller clump of green play-dough to add to their blue watery mini planets.  In just a few minutes, the students had each created a little mini-Earth!  The play-dough was put aside in a baggie to be brought home and played with!  Before the students left for the day, the teachers reminded them to take care of their mini-Earth, just like the real one!  What a fabulous day it was!



Thursday morning began with a very eXhilarating story written by Martin Taylor called, The Lost Treasure of Skull Island.  In the larger than life pop-up book,  the readers are led on a treasure hunt to find Captain Skull’s buried treasure which is hidden somewhere on Skull Island.  Now, all great pirates know that the letter X is the most important letter of the alphabet because it tells where the treasure is buried!  The students headed on an adventure where they quickly ran into some trouble including an aggressive octopus, a hungry shark, a scary snake, and more!  Before long, the students found the treasure … and Old Captain Skull guarding it!  Since the treasure belonged to Old Captain Skull, the students decided it was best to find their own treasure.  Here are the maps they created to lead them to their reward!


treasure maps


During the afternoon on Thursday and Friday, the students participated in Spanish class where they completed the final week of La Transportacion vocabulary exploration.  The students loved “hoping aboard” various vehicles and acting out the ride while their friends guessed the name of the vehicle they were riding!

The X fun continued on Friday as the students created a free paint using an X-paintbrush.  What is an X-paintbrush, you ask?  Take a look below to see for yourselves!




After Spanish class on Friday afternoon, the students learned a very eXciting fact – there was a real treasure chest hidden somewhere inside PPA!  After studying the letter X all week, the students were certainly ready to find “the spot” where the treasure could be found!  They began their search with clue number one!  After being led all around the PPA classroom, the fifth and final clue led the students to the pet hermit crab tank which was marked with a giant red X!  The student eXcavated the treasure chest and could hardly believe their eyes!  Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds, and more were overflowing from the chest!  As their reward, each student selected a jewel of their own to keep forever and help them remember that X marks the spot!




Wow!  What an eXtremely eXciting week “Letter X Marks the Spot Week” turned out to be!  We hope you enjoyed reading this post.  As always, thank you and have a eXcellent weekend!



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