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“Nature Exploration Week” Recap!

Hello all,

Believe it or not, the first month of the 2013 Park Prep Academy Summer Camp has come and gone!  The students said, “So Long!” to the July session of camp as they eagerly headed into the August session!  Read on below to learn about all the fun that was had and learning that took place!

The students arrived at school on both Monday and Tuesday morning with one thing in mind – the WATER/SPRINKLER PARK!  The students could hardly wait to get over to the water play area!  Here are some photographic highlights from their time at the sprinkler park. Needless to say, the students had an AMAZING time – especially by the Pirate Ship Mast!




After spending the morning splish-splashing around at the water park, the students returned to school on Monday to create an AMAZING craft!  Seeing that it was Nature Exploration Week at camp, the students worked together to create birdseed ornaments!  The students mixed together bird seed, flour, corn syrup, and water to create a goopy and seedy mixture.  They then took turns scooping the mixture into tiny molds.  After a quick trip to the oven, the ornaments had hardened and were ready to be strung and hung for all the local birdies to eat!  While Miss Thao was cooking the ornaments, Miss Jocelyn asked the students to create a list of all the birds they could think of.  Can you believe that the students named EIGHTEEN different types of birds?  Once the list was created, the students went through and identified which birds would likely take a nibble of their ornaments – i.e. which birds live in/around Hudson County.  What a fun activity!




Tuesday afternoon, the students created another list but this time the question was, “WHO DO YOU THINK WILL BE THE MYSTERY GUEST?”  The students had some great answers with Spiderman and Cinderella.  They were all blown away when they learned just who the Mystery Guest actually was – Dancin’ the Clown Magician!  The students were dazzled by his hilarious magic show which included disappearing acts, juggling, balloon sculpting, and Poof, a real magic rabbit!    The students each took a turn petting Poof and a few very brave students served as volunteers!  What a magical day it was!  Be sure to take a look below to see some of the silly magic for yourself!




Wednesday marked the final day of July Camp at PPA and what better way to spend the final day than outdoors?  The students headed outside, bright and early, to play and run through the PPA Outdoor Obstacle Course!  The course featured events where the students were required to leap, hop, toss, race, tag, and more!  Take a look below to see the students in action!




On Wednesday afternoon, the students all reflected on their favorite part of July Summer Camp.  There were so many highlights including: going to the Water Park, exploring the Science Center, riding the train and touching stingrays at the Turtle Back Zoo, making Ice Cream from scratch, visiting the Bakery and the Fire House, dressing silly on WaCkY oUtFiT dAy, creating various art projects, meeting the E.M.T.s, and more!  One student summed it up the best when asked, “What was your favorite part of camp?”, she answered…


Wednesday concluded with a “See You Soon” Ceremony for all the July Campers.  As we always say in preschool – it is never a “Goodbye”; simply a “See You Soon”.  A special PPA Thank You to all of the families that were a part of our July Session of Camp.  We hope you enjoyed your time as much as we enjoyed spending ours with you!  Have a great remainder of Summer – See You Soon! 🙂

On Thursday, the students welcomed a new wave of August Camp friends as they spent the morning creating their colorful Free Paint Masterpieces!  Take a look at how INCREDIBLE these paintings turned out!




On Thursday (and Friday) afternoon, the students had a blast during Music where they sang along to all of the preschool classics!  Thankfully the students were paying attention because Miss Elizabeth sure had a tough time remembering how the songs go!  Watch below to see the Musical Fun!


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Friday was the final day of Nature Exploration Week and it was also an Art Day!  For their morning work, the students created the most gorgeous flowers that the teachers have ever seen!  Complete with gems, sea glass, and tissue paper crumbles, these flowers are sure to be in bloom forever!




Wow!  Talk about an AMAZING week of camp!  We cannot wait to see what next week –  Science Exploration Week – has in store!  As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend!



Next Week – Science Exploration!


Students should arrive dressed for water play. 

Please pack a towel and a complete change of (easy to change into) clothes on Monday and Tuesday!


Wednesday – Mystery Guest Visits PPA!

Thursday –  WaCkY oUtFIt DaY + Art Day!

All students are encouraged to wear a WaCkY (yet functional) OuTfIt to school today!

Friday – Liberty Science Center Field Trip!

Students must wear their camp t-shirts and pack an entirely disposable lunch today!

Click here to view all of the photos from this week of camp!