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“Number Review Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all,

Well, with the entire alphabet complete, the students of PPA spent this past week reviewing another preschool favorite theme – NUMBERS!  Be sure to click below to learn all about what the students were up to during “Number Review Week”.

After presenting a wide assortment of number-themed shares at morning meeting each day, the students headed to their morning activity stations.  Naturally, Number Review was infused into their stations.  Whether they were counting and digging for dinosaur bones at the sand table, unlocking the number locks, or playing Number Bingo with pals, the students sure had a blast!


The students created NuMeRoUs Number Review projects this week as well!  Here is the spin art activity from Tuesday where the students chose and counted out a particular number of drops for each color.  Needless to say, the designs were AWESOME!

On Wednesday, the students tested their number/counting as wells as their engineering skills by picking a number from a box and designing a structure of their choosing with assorted classroom materials!  Whether they chose tiny table blocks, colorful flower flakes, or intricate magnets, one thing was for sure – the designs were super imaginative and very cool!  Keep scrolling to see some of their “Counting Creations” below.

The students enjoyed getting super silly with numbers at the STOMP game on both Thursday and Friday as well!  As the name of the game says… STOMP is all about stomping and sending numbers FLYING!  It’s a race against time to reassemble the numbers in their correct position!  🙂

During the afternoons of “Number Review Week”, the students enjoyed participating in a fun game called, “Number Motion”.  Would you like to play it at home now?

Jump up and down – SEVEN times!

Flap your arms like a bird – TEN times!

Blink your TWO eyes – THREE times!

Clap your TWO hands – TEN times!

Hop on ONE leg – FIVE times!


They also loved “Classroom Counting” during the afternoons!  What is “Classroom Counting” you say?  Well, did you know that there are FIVE bathrooms in the PPA classroom?  Did you know that there are TWELVE tables in the PPA classroom?  The students had a blast finding and counting all the various materials around the classroom!  They started small with fixtures – ONE piano, TWO Kitchens, THREE Rugs, etc.  Quickly, the numbers/”Classroom Counting” began to grow and grow!  One student suggested that we find out how many books are in the PPA classroom… we stopped at 100 since the PPA Library is EXPLODING with books!  What a fun activity it was!

Well, that is all for “Number Review Week” but you can always continue the number fun at home! 🙂  As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!



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Observation of Memorial Day

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