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Spanish Review Week is Next!

Hello all,

ABC Review Week was Awesome, Brilliant, Crazy, Delightful, Excellent, Fabulous, Great, Hilarious, Incredible, Jubilant, Kooky, Laughtastic, Marvelous, Neat, Outstanding, Perfect, Quirky, Radical, Superb, Tremendous, Unbelievable, Vibrant, Wonderful, eXhilirating, Yummy and Zany!  Whew! That was  a lot of work but not nearly as much work as the students did all year long while studying those letters!  Read on below to see what the students did to commemorate the school year and also the alphabet!

After discussing a wide assortment of alphabet shares, the students learned that they would be working on a super special activity.  The teachers explained that this activity was so special, it would require not one morning work session but rather a full week of morning work in order to complete it!   The students could hardly contain their excitement when the teachers began explaining the project that they would soon begin working on – their very own alphabet book which would recap each unit of study from the entire school year!

After morning meeting, the students headed into their morning stations.  One by one, each student headed over to begin part one of the Super Special project.  Part one involved coloring – A LOT of coloring!

In the afternoon on Monday, the students put their alphabet knowledge to the test when they worked together to create an entire alphabet list similar to the individual letter lists that the students usually create.  Seeing that they were thinking about all of the letters and not just one letter, the students decided to come up with a list of different names for each letter of the alphabet!  Here is the list of Boys’ Names.

Here is the list of the Girls’ Names.

The Alphabet Review Book creation continued throughout each morning of the week.  During the afternoon on Tuesday, the students created another alphabet list.  This time it was a list full of different types of food!

Wednesday afternoon’s list was an entire Animal Alphabet.  The teachers could hardly believe it!  The students named an animal for EACH letter of the alphabet – even the ones at the end!

After returning from the playground on Thursday morning, the students were paid a special visit by TWO surprise guests!  Take a peek below to see who came to visit PPA!

It was Miss Saily and her new baby, Kelly Sophia!

The students (and teachers) were beyond excited to meet two month old Kelly!  Miss Saily carried Kelly around to all of the snacktime tables.  The students ohhhed and ahhhhed as Kelly passed them.  The teachers could not help but laugh when a three year old student commented that Kelly was “so adorable”.  🙂

Miss Saily handed Kelly to the teachers and she spent some time playing and catching up with the students in their stations.  About a half-hour into Miss Saily’s visit, Kelly Sophia had fallen asleep and Miss Saily began to say her goodbyes.  Before leaving, she informed the students that she would be returning to school on Tuesday of next week.  They could hardly contain their excitement but they did their best to cheer quietly so Kelly did not wake up.

The excitement continued on Thursday afternoon when the students created a fun alphabet list of “Things You Can Find Inside Park Prep!”  The students were so excited for this list since they had a chance to get up and search when it came to some of the tougher letters!

On Wednesday and Thursday, after the animal and things in the classroom list had been created, the students had their final Spanish class of the school year!   The students practiced their Transportación vocabulary and were ecstatic to learn that next week would be “Spanish Review Week” at PPA!  The teachers explained that the students would be reviewing all of the vocabulary they had studied throughout the year by creating another special project!

By Friday, the coloring was complete and phase two, three, and four of the project began.  With the help of the teachers, the crafts were cut out from their pages.  The students used glue to assemble and publish their book.

Here is the super week-long project in its final state!

Here are the topics that the students covered throughout the year.  A is for Ants, B is for Bears, C is for Counting, D is for Dentist, E is for Eric Carle, F is for Fire Safety, G is for Gorilla, H is for Helping, I is for Insects, J is for Jungle, K is for Kangaroo, L is for Library, M is for Music, N is for Nutrition, O is for Occupation, P is for Pirates/Princes/Princesses/Pajamas, Q is for (Things that go) Quickly, R is for Recycling, S is for Solar System, T is for Tadpoles, U is for Under the Sea, V is for Veterinarian, W is for Wacky and Wild, X is for X-Ray, Y is for (All things) Yellow, Z is for Zoo!  Whew!  That sure was a lot to learn about!  Looking back at all of the letters of study makes you realize what an amazing school year the 2010-2011 school year has been!  The good news is that there is still much more learning to take place and fun to be had as we head into the final weeks of the school year!  We can hardly wait!

As always, thank you for reading.  Have a fun and safe weekend.  We will see you next week!



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