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Hello all,

“Letter D is for Dr. Seuss Week” was dynamic, dynamite and simply delightful!  The students showed up more than ready to discuss Dr. Seuss – and  dozens of other D things! Some of the share highlights included: ducks, dragons, dogs, doctor kits, and more!  One students even shared a diaper borrowed from a new sibling!  Fortunately, the student did not take the Letter D theme too seriously and bring a Dirty Diaper in for share!  Thank you to everyone who brought in shares to help reinforce the letter D.

The students started off the week by working on their letter identification tracing and coloring pages. They also practiced making the sounds of the letters in the different pictures on their pages.  Later on in the afternoon, the students created a “D” list where they had to brainstorm a long list of words that started with the letter D.  Here is what they came up with.



Throughout the week, Dr. Seuss and his kooky characters seemed to be working their way into nearly everything!  Check out what the “Tree Rug” students charted about for their Morning Meeting Math activity on Wednesday.



Speaking of Wednesday, the students created their first Dr. Seuss-inspired art project of the week!  During morning meeting, the students listened to probably the most famous Dr. Seuss book of all – The Cat In The Hat!  In the story, a mischievous cat surprises two children who are stuck inside the house on an icky, rainy day.  The Cat in the Hat takes the little girl and boy in the story on quite a chaotic, messy, and wild adventure!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would be creating a special art project in honor of this Crazy Cat!  Here is how they did it!



During the afternoon on both Wednesday and Thursday, the students participated in Spanish class where they reviewed their Los Numeros vocabulary by learning the following song.  Here are the words and tune!

Uno, Dos, Tres Amigos

Cuatro, Cinco, Seis Amigos,

Siete, Ocho, Nueve Amigos,

Deiz Amigos Son.

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The Dr. Seuss fun continued on Thursday as the teachers read the classic tale, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.   After the story, the teachers asked the students to look at the classroom fish tank.  The students quickly noted that it was empty since all of fish from last year had graduated and went to Kindergarten at the end of the school year.  The teachers asked if the students thought Ariel, the Little Mermaid, was lonely in the classroom fish tank.  The students all agreed that she probably would like to have some fish friends.  The teachers asked the students to make a wish for Ariel to find some fish friends as they went off to morning stations.


A little bit later on in the day, the teachers called the students over to the rugs to tell them of some exciting news!  The students, waiting eagerly, were all ears as the teachers informed them that their wish had come true!  During morning station time, Miss Justine heard a knock at the school door.  When she opened it, there was a little baggie in the doorway.  Confused, Miss Justine bent down to pick up the baggie to find that inside the baggie were two tiny fish!



Could it be?  Could the students wish have come true?!?  Yes!  It appeared so!  The two fish needed a new home and everyone agreed that Ariel’s tank was just the right place! While the teachers took the fish over to the tank to help them get situated, the students began the important process of giving their new pet fish names!  The first fish, a Dalmatian Molly, was given the name Dotty because of her black and white speckled appearance!  The second fish, a Sunburst Mickey Mouse Platy, was given the name Mickey because of his appearance too!



After the naming ceremony took place, the students discussed the importance of taking good care of pets.  Many of the rules that the students came up with also applied to children – do not feed them too much or else they will get sick with a belly ache, do not bang, yell at, or shake the tank because it will hurt or scare them.   The students will surely take excellent care of their new class pets!  To remember this special surprise, the students created the following craft!  What an exciting day!



Friday was spent discussing Dr. Seuss’s, The Lorax, and the importance of taking care of the environment.  In the story, a little boy wonders why his town is only made from man-made things like plastic.  On his journey to discover the answer to his question, the boy meets the grouchy, old Lorax.  The little boy quickly learns why the Lorax is so grumpy has to do with the beautiful Truffula Trees that used to be everywhere when the Lorax was younger.  For their morning work, the students “planted and grew” their very own Truffula trees!  Here is how they did it!



During the afternoon on Friday, the students participated in a Dr. Seuss-themed technology presentation!  They particularly loved seeing some of their favorite characters come to life in animated clips like the one below!  Enjoy!



Well, that is all for “Letter D is for Dr. Seuss Week” at PPA!  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a fun and safe weekend!  See you next week!



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