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Stop the Alphabet – “I LOVE MOMMY WEEK” is next!

Hello all,

“Letter Y is for YummY Week” was Yerrific, Yonderful, Yantastic, Youtstanding, and of course quite YummY!  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place!

Shares in hand, the students arrived at school on Monday morning ready to get started!  The letter Y shares were quite plentiful!  From assorted yellow items to Younger “when I was a baby” photographs, the letter Y shares proved to be some of the most exciting shares yet!  Some of the shares that came in did not only start with the letter Y, they were quite YummY as well!  One student had a pancake shaped into the face of Yoda from Star Wars!  Judging by how quickly it was gobbled up, it is safe to assume that it was YummmmmmY!

Monday and Tuesday mornings were spent completing Letter Y identification/writing/tracing activities throughout morning work and morning stations.  The students spent their afternoons learning just how tricky the letter Y really is.  Despite sounding like it should make the Letter W (“Wuh”) sound when it is said, the letter Y makes a sound that can often go undetected and in some cases like another letter – U!  To an adult, the word “you” clearly starts with the letter Y but it sounds pretty tricky when you say and hear the sentence – “You starts with Y”.  Even in the face of a tricky letter, the students were able to create a great list of Letter Y words.



By Wednesday, things were really “cooking” as the students began their YummY morning work activities!  After asking the students which foods they found to be the Yummiest of all, the teachers realized that many of the foods the students had named were “sometimes” food.  The teachers explained that “sometimes” food is food, like YummY ice cream, which is good to eat as long as it is eaten only sometimes.   They explained that eating ice cream and other sweets everyday would not be a good choice because of what is inside it.  This being said, the teachers decided to ask the students about things that are okay to eat anytime like fruits or vegetables.  After taking a healthier approach with their YummY list, the students came up with great answers such as apples, bananas, corn, and carrots!  Upon hearing the students’ responses, the teachers decided to make YummY week all about discovering healthy YummY foods!

The students, working in groups, spent each remaining morning of the week preparing and enjoying the following assorted YummY snacks!

Cereal Snack-Mix on Wednesday!

Fruit and Yogurt Popsicles on Thursday!

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies on Friday!

Wow!  It is quite clear from the looks on their faces that these treats were enjoyed!  To learn how the students created their YummY snacks, look at the recipes below!  Maybe you will try these out in your home one day!

During the afternoons, the students began a new unit of study in Spanish class!  Believe it or not, La Familia (Family) is the final unit of the school year!  Wow, the end of the school year is coming up so quickly!  Take a look at the vocabulary below.

La Familia (Family)

Madre/Mamá – Mother

Padre/Papá – Father

Hermana – Sister

Hermano – Brother

Abuela – Grandmother

Abuelo – Grandfather

Tío – Uncle

Tía – Aunt

Speaking of Familia, one of the student’s grandmothers who grew up in Greece  came in Friday morning to talk to the students about Greece but particularly the Greek letter Y word from Grandma – Yιαγιά (pronounced Ya-ya)!  The students loved hearing the student photographed below call his Grandmother by such a fun letter Y name!

They also loved looking at photographs of the student’s Yιαγιά at her  home in Greece and hearing a poem (written by the student’s Mommy) all about her childhood in Greece.

My Yiayia

My Yiayia comes from a town far away,

Where she grew up very different from me,

In a very small town that had few families,

But all kinds of animals and even honey bees.

They had a big garden with trees that grow figs

And a farm with sheep, chicken, and pigs.

My Yiayia didn’t have many things we have today

Like a TV, a car or toys with which to play.

Her parents didn’t go to the market to buy food,

Everything was homemade and oh so good!

Her mommy made her own cheese, yogurt and soap,

The milk they used came from Yiayia’s pet goat!

She tells great stories that you won’t find in book,

But I love her most of all cause she sure is a great cook!

She bakes me Greek cookies, that are so very Yummy,

and she brought some for you, to fill your tummy!

The students were delighted when they learned that Yιαγιά (pronounced Ya-ya) had baked a Greek cookie called Koulourakia for the students!  What a YummY and lovely surprise!  A special thank you to the student’s Mommy and his Yιαγιά for visiting us!   🙂

Even though “Letter Y is for YummY Week” has come to a close, it does not mean that the Yumminess has to stop!  Be sure to keep looking for new and different YummY foods to try out each day!  In the wise words of Sam I Am, “You do not like them. So you say.  Try them! Try them! And you may.  Try them and you may, I say!”  As always, thank you for reading!  Have a fun and safe weekend!



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