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“Student Choice Week” is next!

Hello all,

¡La Semana de Ejercitacion en Espanol fue muy buena! – i.e. – Spanish Review Week was very good!  The students spent the entire week practicing and reviewing the vocabulary they learned throughout the 2014-2015 school year.  They even turned the morning meeting Hello Song into their very own Hola version!

Seeing that school was closed on Monday for the observation of Memorial Day, the students returned to school on Tuesday with TONS of Spanish shares.  The students brought in different animales, Spanish instruments such as castanets and maracas, as well as various toy vehicles like camión (truck) and carros (cars).  Of course, everyone’s favorite Spanish speaking cartoon characters, Dora and Diego, also made appearances in the share box throughout the week!  The students spent both Tuesday and Wednesday of Spanish Review Week playing assorted Spanish activity games in their stations.  Whether it is was the Spanish vocabulary matching activity game or Simon Dice (Simon Says), the students sure had a blast!




For their morning work on Tuesday, the students reviewed the “Los Colores” (colors) Spanish unit that was covered during the school year!  What better way to review Los Colores than create a rainbow?  The students used assorted classroom art materials including colored noodles, sequins, gems and more, to create their beautiful and certainly colorful rainbows!




Seeing that the end of the school year is rapidly approaching, the teachers used Wednesday, the day designated for La Familia (Family) vocabuarly, to return some of the students’ work being displayed around the classroom.  The teachers took down the “Family Portraits” that were drawn during September’s “All About Me Week”.  For their morning work, the students were called over to view these pieces of art and recreate them!  The students giggled as they looked at some of their drawings from way back in September.  After, the students labeled their drawings with the following words for various family members – Mi (Me), Madre (Mother), Padre (Father), y Hermano/a (Brother/Sister).

Once the portraits were completed, the students all noted how differently they draw now!  The teachers explained that this was because they were getting bigger and growing up!  The students were so pleased!  Take a look below to see some of the changes in drawing abilities over the past year.  It is really quite impressive!


updated portraits


During the afternoon on Wednesday, the students reviewed their Los Numeros (Numbers) vocabulary in the most exciting way – by playing Simón Dice (Simon Says)!  The younger students worked on numeros uno through cinco (1-5) while the older students worked on numeros uno through diez (1-10).  As you can imagine, the students had a blast!  Try playing Simón Dice now!


Simón Dice rub your belly TRES times!

Simón Dice hop on UNO leg CINCO times!

Jump up high DOS times!

Uh oh!  Simón No Dice! (Simon didn’t say!)

Well, how did you do? 🙂



On Thursday, the students reviewed another unit of study – La Ropa (Clothing).  The students spent the morning as wardrobe stylists as they assembled the perfect and most stylish outfits they could during morning work!  Take a look below to see how their La Ropa art project turned out


la ropa


During the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday, the students and teachers dicussed the week ahead – Student Choice Week!  A PPA first, “Student Choice Week” is an entire week where the students will be choosing and planning the entire curriculum!  Through a discussion, the students determined the various topics they would be investigating next week.  Be sure to check back next Friday to see how the entire “Student Choice Week” unfolds!

Friday was the final day of Spanish Review Week and not surprisingly, the teachers decided to save the favorite unit for last – Los Animales (Animals).  The students were so excited to learn that they would be sitting and having had their faces (or hands) painted as a WiLd animal of their choosing!  Take a look below to see how amazing they looked!




After discussing “Student Choice Week” on Friday, the students participated in a technology presentation where they reviewed their vocabulary but also had the opportunity to witness some of their favorite classroom storybooks come to life – en Español – in Spanish!  Do you recognize this story?



Well, that is all for “Spanish Review Week” and Spanish class for the 2014-2015 school year!  What a wonderful año (year) of Spanish learning and fun it was!  As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful and safe weekend!



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Monday, June 15th, for three day students

Wednesday, June 17th, is Graduation at PPA.

This is the final full school day for students entering kindergarten in the fall.

This day will be spent rehearsing for the Graduation Ceremony which will begin promptly at 1:30 p.m.

Theme for Next Week:

student choice week