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“Welcome to PPA Week” Blog Recap!

Hello all!

Welcome to the first “real” blog post of the Park Prep Academy 2017-2018 school year! This blog is updated every Friday and recaps the entire previous week of school! Read below to learn about all the learning and fun that took place during “Welcome to P.P.A. Week!”

After an amazing and fun-filled summer, the students of Park Prep Academy returned on Wednesday for the first day of the 2017-2018 school year – and what a day it was! Like the true preschool professionals they are, the older students of Park Prep helped usher in the new wave of “underclassmen”. Throughout the short week, the older students helped the new students get acclimated to school and learn all of the different areas of the classroom. This was particularly helpful during morning stations (i.e. morning small group play areas) and with the daily routine.



The students spent the morning exploring the classroom, learning the daily routine, and of course, doing their morning work. Morning work during “Welcome (back) to PPA Week” included the following projects.

A special sentimental craft was made for all students celebrating their first day at Park Prep Academy – a handprint keepsake page! Some of you may remember this craft from your child’s first day year(s) ago!



Seeing that one of the most exciting parts of preschool is making new friends, the teachers designed a special partner portrait art project for the students to make!  Here is how it turned out!



On Thursday, the students worked together to create a partner-paint! First, the students were grouped in pairs – one new student and one returning student in each pair. Each student introduced him/herself to the partner then selected a color to paint with. Each partner began by painting with the chosen color. After a few minutes, the partners swapped sides and began adding their color to the partner’s painting! In the end, each partner’s painting had a piece of their friend’s artwork too! What a special art project and more importantly, special friendship!



On Friday, the students worked together to measure out and mix together all the ingredients necessary to create the first batches of moon-dough of the school year! The students worked together to count and measure out all the right amounts to add to the mix!  A little Kool-Aid and some colorful glitter was added to the moon-dough to give it some extra pizazz!  Once all of the batches were created, there was so much moon-dough left over that the teachers decided to put a little ball in a baggie along with a recipe for each student to take home! Here they are in action!



The students also THOROUGHLY enjoyed running, climbing, racing, sliding and more at the PPA playground this week!



During the afternoons of “Welcome (back) to PPA Week”, the students enjoyed music and also discussed “the Rules of PPA”. The rules are as follows…

1. Play Nicely.

2. Be Safe.

3. Share.

4. Listen.

And most importantly…

5. Have Fun!

To help the students remember the rules, the teachers introduced them to two classroom puppets – Oli the Octopus and Mambo the Bird! The teachers explained that Oli always did a great job following the rules of school. Mambo, on the other hand, did not always do such a great job following the rules of school.  The students watched as Oli and Mambo participated in various school scenarios. What fun it was!



After the puppet show, the students participated in music class where they learned some preschool classics including: “Down by the Bay”, “Apples and Bananas”, and “Five Little Ducks”! Once music class had ended on Friday, the teachers took time to congratulate all of the students on such an amazing first week of school. The students were beaming with pride as they headed off to their afternoon stations. Wow! What an amazing week “Welcome to PPA Week” was. The 2017-2018 school year is bound to be the best one yet! As always, thank you for reading. Have a fun and safe weekend!



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