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Winter Week & Holiday Celebration

Winter week was absolutely Wonderful!  Mother Nature surely knew it was Winter week at Park Prep when she dropped off nearly a foot of snow over the weekend!  The students weathered the storm as best they could as they turned up at school in their winter warmest.

On Monday, the students created beautiful sparkle snowflake decorations that will surely brighten up their homes.

In the afternoon, the students practiced singing some of the Winter classics.  Walking in a Winter Wonderland was especially popular and a perfect fit for Winter week!

On Tuesday, the students continued creating crafts with a winter theme as they turned ordinary tissue paper rolls into extraordinary penguins!  The penguins were adorable and the students had a blast creating them.

On Wednesday, the students helped the teachers create a real gingerbread house!  Here is how the house turned out.

Later in the afternoon, all of the PPA students and their families arrived to celebrate the winter holidays together at the PPA Winter Celebration!  During the party, the students and their parents worked together to assemble a construction paper gingerbread house!  Using real mints, pretzels, skittles, and candy canes, the students crafted super sweet houses for their gingerbread friends.

Thank you to all of the PPA students and families that were in attendance.  Park Prep would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.  See you next year!