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“Fall/Autumn Week” is Next!

Hello all,

“Community Week” has come and gone and boy, was it great!  Read on below to learn about the fun that was had and learning that took place.

Each day of “Community Week” was spent discussing and learning about a particular community member and their role in the community.  Seeing that the PPA students all live in very busy and thriving city neighborhoods, the list of community members to choose from was quite long!  Before the students could fully dive into the individuals who make up a community, they needed to identify  exactly what a community was.  Here is what they came up with.

On Monday, the students focused on one community member who creates delicious treats for the neighborhood.  Can you guess who that community member is?

If you said, “Baker” then you are correct!  Bakers are an integral part of a community – particularly a neighborhood like Jersey City or Hoboken.  People come from all over to get cakes, cookies, pies, fresh bread and more from a baker!  Life is not all strudels and scones for a baker though, it takes a lot of hard work to be a baker!  For starters, bakers usually arrive at work VERY early in the morning to start baking to ensure that their food is as fresh as possible!  The recipes that the bakers use involve a lot of counting and measuring.  For their morning work, the students transformed into bakers themselves when they made home-made school-made play-dough!

The students worked together to measure out, pour in, and mix all of the ingredients needed to make play-dough.  Once the mixture had been stirred, the teachers “cooked” it and it was set aside to cool.

Throughout the remainder of the week, the students enjoyed the fruits of their labor at the play-dough station!

On Tuesday, the students discussed not one, but several, important community members.  The students were shocked to learn they themselves were a part of the community.  When asked what role they play, the students explained that children help keep a community young, fun, and happy!  The teachers also explained that children have an important job but what is it?  Do you know what a child’s job is in the community?

A child’s job is to grow and learn as much as they can!  The teachers explained to the students that it is so important for children to do the best they can at their job because one day they will be the grown-ups in the community!  The classroom filled with giggles at the idea of the preschoolers being grown-ups one day.  After the giggles settled down, the discussion continued.

The teachers asked the question, “Who helps the children grow and learn?”  Hands flew into the air as three very important community members were identified, “Mommies, Daddies, and Teachers!”  Here is the craft they came up with to remind them of the important role both children and teachers play in the community.

Wednesday was a very exciting day because the PPA students were visited by the first community helper of the 2011-2012 school year – Paramedic Tom Shields from Jersey City University Medical Center.  Paramedic Tom, known to the PPA students affectionately as “E.M.T. Tom,” came in to discuss the role Paramedics and E.M.T.s play in the community along with ways to stay safe in our homes!   Topics discussed during Kitchen Safety included the following.

1. Stay away from a hot stove, pot, pan or anything sharp in the kitchen.

2.  Do not play inside the kitchen.

3.  Keep all things electric far from water!

4.  Most importantly – Never cook without a grown-up to help you!

The students blew both the teachers and E.M.T. Tom away with their awareness of kitchen safety!  Next, E.M.T. Tom discussed another area in the house that can be dangerous – the bathroom.    Here are some of the important tips that the students learned about staying safe in the bathroom.

1.  Never eat or drink medicine because it is not candy.

2.  Bottles found under a sink or in the bathroom might look like juice or squirt toys but they are actually cleaning products.  They are poison, DO NOT drink or play with them EVER!

3.   Never take a bath by yourself.  A grown-up must be with you at all times!

The most important thing that E.M.T. Tom taught the students was to always get a grown-up when something not safe or dangerous happens at home!

What an important and informative presentation E.M.T. Tom led!  The students posed for a photograph with E.M.T. Tom before he headed back to work for the day.

A special PPA thank you to E.M.T. Tom for showing us how to keep ourselves safe!  See you soon!

During the afternoon, the students reviewed the safety tips they had learned earlier in the day by reading the book – Safe at Home!  Indoor Safety.  Each page of the book asks an important safety question and gives three choices for the students to choose from.  The students LOVED answering the questions to find the correct or safest answer!  Let’s see how you do with a question…

What would YOU do if…

you found a piece of broken glass on the floor?

Would YOU

1.  Pick it up with your hands and throw it in the trash.

2. Get a Grown Up and tell them where the glass is.

3.  Say nothing.  Just play VERY carefully around it.

The SAFE answer is…



Children should never touch sharp things like broken glass because it can cut their hands.  Cleaning up things like your toys or your room is very important but certain things are too dangerous for children to clean.  Leave it and be sure to tell a grown up!


On Thursday, the students spent their morning with some of Jersey City’s finest – Jersey City Police Officer Lorenzo Tosado!  Officer Tosado arrived at PPA and greeted the students warmly.  The students participated in a special presentation all about the police and also about ways to stay safe!  Here are some of the highlight from Officer Tosado’s presentation.

Officer Tosado showed the students some of his equipment.

Officer Tosado “calls” a police friend on his walkie-talkie and the students say hello to the other officer!

Officer Tosado discusses ways to stay safe by reading the Police coloring book.  The students were thrilled to learn that they would each be going home with their own copy to read and color!

The students were so excited when they learned that they would be climbing inside a real police vehicle!  Watch below to see some of the fun!

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

Photo SharingVideo SharingPhoto Printing

What an amazing day!  A special PPA thank you to Police Officer Tosado for coming in to teach us all about the police and how to stay safe!  See you soon!

Friday’s highlighted community member was the person who delivers the mail throughout the entire community.   Do you know this person’s name?  If you said, “Mail Carrier” or “Postal Employee” then you are correct!

For their morning work, the students spent their morning designing original postcards.

After the students had created their beautiful design or drawing, the teachers glued the colorful paper to their postcard which read,

“I mailed this postcard to help me say,

I love you and think of you every day!

If you love me like I love you,

Please send me a postcard too!”

The students selected who the recipient of the postcard would be and signed their name to the postcard.  The postcards were sent home to be addressed, stamped and mailed out real soon!  The students were thrilled to learn that they would likely be getting mail coming their way!  We hope some of the postcards they receive make their way back to school someday as a share! 🙂

On Friday afternoon, the students participated in a technology presentation all about community.  The presentation began with the sharing of a piece of mail that the school received recently!  This piece of mail came in the form of an E-mail.  It read:

Hello Park Prep Academy,

My daughter, Jessica LaTour, had the attached picture taken of the wonderful, notes, pictures and candy they received from your gracious students of the Academy.

Thank you all for the wonderful packages.

Mary Beth LaTour

Mary Beth LaTour is the mother of a sailor in the United States Navy. Way back in December 2010, during “Letter H is for Helping Week,” the students of Park Prep Academy collaborated with Operation Goodybag, an organization started by Jane Cosco, a New Jersey school teacher and close friend of Miss Elizabeth, to create and send Goodybags to United States troops stationed all around the world!  Since its creation in 2003, Operation Goodybag has helped create over 250,000 goodybags!   The students of PPA contributed 373 goodybags to that number!  Below is the photograph of Jessica LaTour and her fellow sailors.  Take a look at the background to see the artwork from the students hanging on display!  We hope that these little stars and hearts help brighten up each of the brave sailors day!

The students were so delighted to learn that they had received mail – especially from people who are so brave!  Thank you to all of the brave men and women aboard CVN 77 George H W Bush.  Your hard work and dedication is appreciated more than you could ever know!  We hope you enjoyed that candy – you surely earned it! 🙂

(Click here to see the students making the goodybags during last year’s “Letter H is for Helping Week!”)

The technology presentation continued as the students were given clues and hints about the job that a particular member of the community does.  For example – This community member helps keep people safe when they go swimming in the ocean, lake or a pool?  Who is this community member?  Answer:  a Life Guard!

The students did such a great job guessing all of the different community members in the community!  They particularly LOVED meeting some community members from a different and very famous neighborhood.  Click below to watch a few classic Sesame Street clips called “Who are the people in Your Neighborhood” to meet some other community members!

Well, that is all for “Community Week”.  Be sure to take a look at the bottom of this blog post for the link to all of the “Community Week” in the Photo Gallery!  As always, thank you for reading.  See you next week!



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