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Dramatic Play

In accordance to the Developmental Interaction Approach, play is seen as the student’s work. Through play, the students reevaluate and recreate again and again, everything which they have experienced.  Play is viewed as purposeful and extraordinarily significant in the learning process of a preschooler.  Drama is the perfect medium in which learning can take place on a relevant and meaningful level.  By connecting this learning to familiar experiences, the preschool-aged student gains a much deeper connection and understanding of what is happening around them.

Park Prep Academy’s large dramatic play area is comprised of a play kitchen, grocery store, restaurant table, fix-it shop, puppet theater, and dress up closet with clothing from various cultures and occupations.  This dramatic play area provides a rich scaled-down model of the world for the students to explore and relive their experiences.   It is not uncommon to see children mimic the actions of those around them (i.e. drinking “coffee” from a play mug to “wake up” in the morning, speaking on a cell phone while pushing a grocery cart around).