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The incorporation of technology into the daily life at Park Prep Academy is seamless. A computer can be an important tool for children in learning to write. Because their small, or fine, motor control is still developing, preschoolers often find it easier to find letters rather than use a pencil to construct them.  A computer keyboard provides not only a fun but also an interactive way to practice recognizing letters and creating words.

Additionally, computers are a great tool to help introduce new technologies to the students while strengthening and heightening their eye-hand coordination.   Intellectual development is also broadened through the use of computers. It allows students to explore the relationship between concrete and abstract thought. Like many of the other activities at Park Prep Academy, the students will have to use skills such as team work, problem solving and peer negotiation while using the computers. Lastly, computers aid in the reinforcement of literacy through making connections between speech/thought and print.

Also, teacher-designed computer presentations help reinforce many concepts that the students are studying and also help make abstract concepts seem a little more concrete.  For instance, in the mind of a preschooler, a flower sprouting out from a tiny little seed may be a bit too abstract.  A time-lapse computer video file that shows the entire process unfold within a minute helps make that once abstract concept a bit more relatable for a preschool mind.