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Mathematics, along with all other content areas, is approached through each of the five senses at Park Prep Academy.  Emphasis is placed on the conceptual process of acquiring mathematical skill rather than simply the procedural skill.

Mathematics is infused throughout nearly all of the students’ daily activities.  Like mathematics in the real world, many of these activities occur naturally throughout the school day.  Taking the emphasis away from the specific procedural processes and allowing the mathematical mind to shape fluidly leads to a deeper conceptual framework for future mathematical skill acquisition.  Daily activities such as tallying and charting student preference reinforce key mathematical concepts of counting, comparing numbers, and understanding value, all the while keeping student interest at the forefront.

The students work with concrete materials such as building blocks, Uni-Fix cubes, pattern blocks and colored rods to begin their exploration of quantity, patterns, and other basic algebraic and geometrical concepts.  Cooking and mixing to create classroom staples such as Playdough and Gak not only cultivates elementary understanding of fractions, it also promotes collaborative group efforts and teamwork while relating back to the benefit of the larger school community.